EQ2 Progress for November 20th, 2007

I got about 2 hours of EQ2 playtime in this morning, getting Friyja’s crafting level to 20 and selecting Armorer as my specialization. At level 18 I took a few steps into the vicinity of the zoning point for Blackburrow and got greased by a level 20 gnoll hero – not an elite, just a regular mob, but he was red for me, so I suppose I asked for it by intentionally pulling him. I need to start paying attention to the arrow codes – WoW has left me inattentive. I am starting to outlevel western Antonica; a number of the quests are now grey for me, along with a lot of the mobs. It’ll be time to move on in about two levels, I think, even though I have little hope of completing all of the quests in that short amount of time. While EQ2’s encounters are generally more challenging than WoW’s, it’s time to move up to fighting mobs that are closer to my level. Recall that I did complete every single quest in the Qeynos suburbs (with only one exception,) so I hit Antonica at level 16, making much of the content in the western half pretty easy.

I observed elsewhere today that, as of level 19 I do not feel like I have remotely explored all the tactical and game opportunities in EQ2 – even those which are available to me at my current level.


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