The point at which I start making alts out of a genuine desire to get more involved in an MMO, as opposed to doing so out of boredom or frustration with my main, is a point that’s important to recognize. I hit that point some time last week with EQ2.

I’ve cancelled LotRO already, and did the same to WoW last night. Nor do I have any trial or freebie accounts sitting around anywhere. So I am now, for the first time, a one-MMO guy. Officially.

I’m still keeping my eye on Vanguard, of course, awaiting that happy day when it’s finally ready for my attention again. And I’m looking forward to trying Age of Conan and Warhammer Online, but both of those are some months off, and my re-entry into Vanguard is probably about the same.

For now, I’m focusing on EQ (and haven’t touch Team Fortress 2 in over a week – my gaming time is limited and must be carefully allocated.) I’ve gotten Friyja to 24th level and Thundering Steppes, where she’s gathering Tier 3 ingredients for my growing legion of crating alts. I have a Provisioner and Tailor so far, and will have a Carpenter pretty soon. And maybe a Weaponsmith. Everything is progressing nicely.

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