Exploring the Economy

I finished two more URT questlines tonight to complete the armor set, and finished play on the high end of nineteenth level. Some of the URT quests are rather grisly, to say the least. I also ran into (or rather, was sent a tell by) Stargrace, and we chatted very pleasantly for a bit while I was killing birdmen in Shoreline Ruins.

Sadly, one of the URT questlines is apparently broken at the moment – the quest collectibles simply don’t drop from the appropriate mobs. Which is too bad, as the weapon that you get from completing the chain is about twice as good, DPS-wise, as what I’m using now – after I upgraded at the broker. A broken quest is something I could get all indignant about, but I won’t, for three reasons. First, I’ve run quite a few quests since coming back – probably as many as I completed in my previous time with Vanguard – and this is the first one I’ve come across that’s outright broken. Some others could maybe use some tweaking, but are fine aside from taking maybe a little too long when you’re trying to get kills or item in competition with other players.

Adrdwulf in Leth Nurae, in URT Kit

Secondly, it’s generally understood that Vanguard is still in need of improvement. I knew this coming back, so it’d be rather inappropriate for me to get all worked up over mnor problems as long as the overall game experience is satisfying – and so far, it has been. Third, this kind of thing – broken quests – crops up in even mature, polished games with a couple of years of post-launch development behind them. Both WoW and EQ2 have broken quests, and as far as I’m concerned EQ2 is the best fantasy MMO on the market right now.

So all in all, no biggie. I’ve picked up a couple other quests in Shoreline Ruins to do in the meantime – hopefully the URT quests will get fixed soon – if not, I’ll come back to them.

I’m also fooling with Vanguard’s broker/auction system, selling some of my loot and picking up odds and ends. Basic functionality seems pretty good, although I haven’t sold anything yet. I’m not sure that having three separate auction pools is such a great idea, but I’ve heard that (like the bank) this may be changing. I do wish there were brokers in more settlements – I’ve been going down to Leth Nurae to do it, which wouldn’t be all that practical without a flying mount.

Ardwulf Flying Against the Sunset

Last time I checked out the broker (back in October,) prices seemed astronomically high for anything, probably due to a plat duping exploit that was in circulation some time back. That’s been fixed, but it took some time for the in-game economy to settle down; prices for basic stuff (bags, for example) were much more reasonable this time around. I was able to get a set of 16-slot bags for about 1.4 gold total, replacing the nigh-worthless 4-slot vendor junk bags.

Tonorrow (again, assuming I get to play,) I’ll start working on Shoreline Ruins quests. I’m within a few percent of 20th level, so I should be able to hit that milestone.

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  1. ACK you goober! Don’t be buying bags! I make the 14-16 slot ones for about a 5 copper cost, lately I’ve been selling them for 20-25s each on the Kojan market but everything is more expensive over there. If you need bags in the future, just ask!