A Big Ding, and Exploring Other Spheres

This afternoon, Ardwulf ran a couple of minor quests in the Renton Keep area and hit 20th level. By my (admittedly unorthodox) calculations, this is as far as I’ve gotten a single character in any MMO. So it’s something of a double milestone. It’s also nine levels in about a week, which is startlingly fast, and creditable to having a flying mount, as well as the bonus XP that you get in Vanguard right now – and to a very large amount of play time, almost certainly more than I’ve spent in any other single week (11 straight days off during the holidays is one of the perks of my job.)

So now it’s time to make a decision. Not whether to stick with the game or not – I’ve already made the call to just stick with a StationPass and have access to both Vanguard and EQ2. But I am tempted at this time to stick my toes back into the waters of Crafting and Diplomacy. I blame Stargrace for putting the bug in my ear in her recent post.

Mnembao in the Crafter’s Forum of Khal

So to that end, I jumped in with Mnembao, my Mordebi Psionicist, finished up a couple of minor quests in the Cliffs of Ghalgad, and ran him to Khal to get trained in Harvesting and Crafting. I am debating not following traditional Adventuring questlines at all with this character, but we’ll see.

For those who don’t know, Vanguard crafting is very detailed, more so than in any other MMO I’ve played (although I wasn’t around for the early days of EQ2, which had, I’m told, pretty intricate crafting as well.) I’ve gotten Ardwulf to 6th level, and Mukhtar (my Varanthari Warrior) to 3rd, but beyond that I haven’t fooled much with it at all. In fact, I haven’t done anything beyond the crafting tutorials and some work orders. So I’m going to do some work with Mnembao, see what I can make and whether or not I’d like to seriously pursue the sphere. I’ll be digging in tonight, so expect a summary some time tomorrow.

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