The Lure of Crafting

Aside from dropping in to check on a few things and take some screenshots, I haven’t touched Ardwulf in the last day or so. Instead, I created a new alt, a (female) Wood Elf Druid name Nikiko, with which to further explore the Kojan continent, and played her a bit. The other, northern end will be covered by my Orc Dread Knight, Hrishnak.

The focus of play, however, was on Mnembao, my Mordebi Psioniscist. (I really like the variety of human races available in Vanguard – not just the Thestran, Qaliathari and Kojani, all of which are baseline humans, but the Varanjar Highlanders and Varanthari horse-nomads as well.) I ran him through the basic Harvesting queslines, selecting skinning and reaping, and took advantage of the flying mount (hey, he was in Khal anyway,) to make several Harvesting runs for raw materials. I then settled in for a long evening of crafting.

Nikiko Explores the Wood Elven Realm

As I mentioned, Vanguard’s crafting system is highly detailed. Personally, I don’t mind this, and find it much preferable to the WoW system where you just click a button and walk away to have dinner, and when you come back you have a hundred widgets in your bags. This is, I suspect, why the products of WoW’s crafting generally suck until you hit very high levels and start getting rare recipies – for which you often have to grind faction interminably. In contrast, in EQ2 the stuff you can make is comparable to, if not better than, the items you get from most quests or from random world drops. I’m not yet sure how Vanguard’s crafted gear stacks up in this regard, but I find the process itself to be generally more engaging than click-n-craft. I can understand why some folks find it boring, mind… but I like it.

I worked my way to 9th level in Outfitter, mostly through work orders, which will be the bread-and-butter activity of any crafter, as least when it comes to increasing Crafter level. At 9th, I was able to make Mnembao a set of decent bags – 12-slotters, which is better than what Ardwulf had at 18th level, and which, with a sufficient supply of crating components, I could probably turn around easily enough on the broker.

Mnembao is now a 10th-level Outfitter – at 11th he will need to do some Crafting Quests to pick a specialization before progressing further, and I have no idea what that’ll entail.

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