UNprogress and EVE

Several events of note occurred yesterday. In EQ2, Friyja teamed up with a guildie and tried to off the giant who’s the key piece of the sixth armor quest. This was doomed to failure for the lack of healing and DPS – me a Berserker and he a Shadowknight – and every other guildie online at that time was also a Berserker or Shadowknight. I can only assume this is because the guild is primarily composed of untested noobs who felt more comfortable starting with a durable, straightforward fighter-type than a fussy healer or DPS guy. This is excellent reason for me to start working on Skafloc, my Dark Elf Inquisitor. So we’ll try again, hopefully tonight. I did get a small amount of harvesting done, finally cleared out Friyja’s overstuffed bags and put a bunch of stuff up on the broker, and upgraded several combat arts to Adept I, which ought to help out a bit in itself.

I’ve been told that Provisioning is a reliable moneymaker, and my experience with Rantry has led me to agree. His stuff doesn’t sell for the big big big money, but it sells reliably and quickly for change which is quite respectable given the overall average level of my characters. Only problem is, it’s tough to spend an entire 3-hour gaming session crafting sandwiches, which is what he’d need to do to supply Friyja and my other characters and have enough left over to maximize profits. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

The second bit of news is that I started a new trial in EVE Online. This is a game I admire very much, and have made some progress in, but have dropped a couple of times due to the high grind factor, and because I didn’t have a corp that made the game worth playing – in EVE, your corp is hugely important, and having a good one opens up numerous opportunities that are difficult or impossible to succeed at if you’re just solo. As in EQ2, however, the folks on the RPGNet Video Gaming forum have set up a corp, and things seem to be proceeding swimmingly there. I have always intended to get back into EVE sooner or later; along with EQ2 I consider it one of the strongest games on the market.

At this point I’m just fooling around and checking out the Trinity graphics engine. I have set myself a maximum monthly outlay of $30 for MMOs, which gets me two standalone games or a StationPass. I am not inclined at this time to drop that StationPass, so I can’t actually get a paying EVE subscription right now. But with the great free trial program, I can certainly fool around a little bit, get in the corp, and be ready to rock and roll once I’m ready to… well, rock and roll.

Also, thanks to Brent over at VirginWorlds for linking here (the first time on this site,) to yesterday’s Star Trek Online piece, drawing in lots and lots of hits.

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  1. Coincidence. I (and presumably the other guy) got the name from Poul Anderson’s classic Fantasy novel, The Broken Sword.