I am a Millionaire!As you can see, Clavius made his first million ISK in EVE Online. Now, lest the uninitiated think that this is a big deal, it’s approximately equivalent to getting your first gold piece in WoW – i. e. it’s sort of an early milestone, and it’s nice to have for a young character, but it’s really not a whole lot of money in the big picture. But if nothing else, it’s the very first step on the road to economic success. I would like that first million to be a buffer for the time being, so anything above it is what I can freely spend.

In bad news, I have started getting what I think are migraine headaches. They happen about once a month or so and appear to be triggered by dehydration, too much caffeine, or a combination thereof. They are incapacitating enough that all I want to do is take five Advil and lay down in a cool, dark, silent room for a couple of hours. I had to do this last night, which kept me from logging into EVE and setting my skill training to Mechanic III, which was my last step on the road to Salvaging. But I woke up at 4 AM sans headache and set it then, and by the time I woke back up I had only to learn the Salvaging skill itself, so I was happily (if slowly) salvaging away most of the morning. Goal Number One is therefore accomplished. So on to goal number two.

A Rat Eats Hot Molten Death!

I bought my Merlin this morning (before I hit the million ISK,) even though I can’t fly it quite yet, but I only need another two hours or so to get Caldari Frigate III, which I should be able to do with little trouble tonight. Once that’s done, I expect my ratting to be much more efficient, and I should be able to rat all the way down to 0.5 with no difficulty. I have identified a nice little out-of-the-way 0.5 system with tons of belts, all the station facilities I need, and (hopefully) some agents who’ll work with me. I plan to fully investigate that system tonight.

Regarding Goal number three, I am going to continue to work up the necessary skills to get me up to cruiser. This essentially amounts to Caldari Frigate 4 and Cruiser 1, which really shouldn’t take all that long. More difficult will be the 5-8 million or so ISK that I will need to buy one and outfit it with the gear I need to make it effective without strapping myself for cash, not to mention the fact that I will want to put in some modules that I don’t currently have the skills to fit. Maybe I can get there by the end of next week, but we’ll see.

In mining news, I ran the numbers and it’s definitely more profitable to sell the raw, unprocessed ore than it is to refine it and sell the minerals right now. And Veldspar is more valuable than anything else in my area on a hold-by-hold basis. So my mining activities will be concentrated on Veldspar for the time being, and my skill work on getting into (and effectively flying) a cruiser, at which point I should be able to combine armaments, salvaging and mining capabilities into the same ship. At that point, if I decide to pursue the mining route, I’ll need to start working up the mining and refining skills. I also need Marketing, so I can sell stuff at a distance – being a trader and all, I can hardly do business effectively without it.

Winged Desolation Comes Home

If I intend to seriously pursue mission-running, I will need to seriously beef up my combat skills, which are haphazard at best right now. I have some of the basics, but not all of them, and in no case is any combat skill higher than rank 2 at the moment.

So that’s progress! Things are looking really bright. I’ve also started paying attention to the Recruitment channel in-game, which appears to be filled with recruiters and virtually devoid of prospects – which is, of course, great for the prospects. However, in no case will I be joining a corp (or even inquiring about one) while I’m still in the trial period, whether I turn this account into a real account this weekend as planned or not.

Finally, aren’t these screenshots just incredible? If anyone is wondering, yes, they are live captures made in-game.

5 responses to “Millionaire!

  1. Woot! Your first million is a pretty good milestone!

    But yes, in a game where there is no shortage of things that cost in the billions, you have to put that in perspective.

  2. Congrats on the $1M. You’re well on your way.

    As for your decision to continue past the trial period, I sure hope you’ll convert to a full sub. It’s been interesting reading your adventures and I’d hate to loose you as an EVE blogger.

    If you’re curious about corporation, check out mine, Phoenix Propulsion Labs (PPL) we’re always looking.

    Finally, for the screenshots, they are indeed gorgeous! I’ve got over 1500 over at Flickr over the last 3 years or so. Look me up!


  3. I have already decided to go full sub. Let’s just hope that decision survives next week’s change in work schedule (I’m back on days starting Monday.)

  4. Congrats on your first million. Mining is definately more profitable than ratting/missions. I wish you luck in your eve life. May your aim be steady, and your raliguns hit more than they miss.