Age of Conan is #1

Slightly old news by now, but Age of Conan is number one on the PC games sales charts. It’s even beating out GTA4 in some markets, which is pretty remarkable but possibly not all that surprising for Europe.

Now, some of this is mere puff-piece, but one interesting bit is that the standard edition of Age of Conan seems to be sold out in at least some areas. So it seems that the very large initial shipping number of 700K is needing to be backed up with fresh copies. This doesn’t mean that all 700K of the initial run are in the hands of customers, but it looks like about 500K of that is, and more copies are needing to be pressed to supply the sold-out markets. The caveat that we don’t yet know how many of these people will still be paying for a subscription in 30 or 90 days shouldn’t have to be said, but I will say it anyway, as I’m feeling like a bit of a Conan apologist at this point.

Now, can we get a NA RP-PvE server please?


4 responses to “Age of Conan is #1

  1. It’s not just the USA, I haven’t been able to find AoC anywhere here in the heart of the Netherlands. I was actually looking for the Collector’s Edition, as I hope to be strong and not play the game until in about 6 months, but neither version was in sight, not even in the largest special gamestores.

    I suspect they’ll be burning a new run of DVD’s by next week.

  2. Always good news…
    And you sure could not tell from the forums how well the game is
    I did a post on my blog about the dangers of the forums, and I can see why they have not been opened …
    Some of the worthless junk there is pitiful…
    And what is funny…90% of their complaining is for issues…I HAVE NEVER SEEN…or the usual “OMG …WoW was not like this at launch”..


    I will just continue to suggest the game to my friends, tell them to enjoy it, and not race to the end…
    And it does at least look like not only is the game a powerhouse in sales..
    But, reviews as well…


  3. To be honest, the English-language European WoW forums, what I can remember of them back in late 2005-early 2006, where also full of bitching and whining. Mythic doesn’t “do” official forums, and I think I can understand their motivation.

    The problem is that forums are the place, par excellence, where people with grievances – real or imagined – express themselves in a somewhat unreasonable and not exactly civilised manner and this can quickly set the mood, scaring away those players who just want to hang out there and share experiences. Reading gaming forums always makes me get Stalinist thoughts. A wee bit uncharitable, perhaps, but hey, I’m only human 🙂

  4. Here in Norway you don’t see AoC boxes in the retail stores. They are expecting a new shipment this week. I wonder if the servers will manage so many new players.