Looking to the Future

My MMOADD has struck again. With both EVE and AoC just not getting played right now, I’ve cancelled both. That’s not a slight against either game, but I really can only make the time for one MMO… and EQ2 is both free for me right now (and for the next month and a half,) and very enjoyable. More so than Age of Conan was, I’m afraid, but I’m thinking that I’d be playing EQ2 right now even if I was paying for it, and if I had to make the call right now on whether to resubscribe or not, I would choose to do so.

I’ve often written that I would like to find an MMO to settle down in. Several times, it’s seemed that EQ2 was going to be that MMO. But the last time around, back in late January, there were some Real Life things in the way for several consecutive weeks, and I ended up pretty much dropping MMOs entirely for a couple of months. It was simple interia that kept me out after a few weeks of not playing. That may happen again in late August when school starts…

It occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned in this space that I’m going back to college after many years away, with the aim of getting an Associate’s Degree in IT, then moving on to get a BS in Computer Science. It’s been a long-held dream that it looks like I’ll finally be able to achieve. Thankfully, many of my old credits are transferring, so I actually don’t have all that far to go to get the degree.

Anyway, that may distract from my ability to game regularly. I’m kind of hoping that it will, to tell the truth, as I’d (for obvious reasons) like to focus on that. Plus there’s the Pennsic War on the horizon, which will take me away from gaming for a solid week before classes start. We’ll see what happens, but my long-term ability to both game and blog might well be seriously hindered come August.

4 responses to “Looking to the Future

  1. Yeah, I’m sorry about it too. But I will be back some day, I’m sure – I can only stay about from the best MMO in the universe for so long.

    And thanks.

  2. Sorry you gotta go m8. Hope to see you in the future…GL with the IT degree 2 classes left and I am done ( thanks goodness) keep at it and GL.


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