New Characters and New Images

I got a few hours of play in over the weekend, getting Friyja to 37th level in the Steamfont Mountains, and playing a bit with my various alts – and I think I’m comfortable with the spread of those characters, at least for now. I started doing some adventuring with some characters that have served as little other than crafting alts for a long while; Ellyreos, my High Elf Conjuror and my Halfling provisioner, Rantry. And I made a new Ratonga Defiler that I want to fool around with.

Also for the first time in a long while, I turned off all of the alternate appearance models. The traditional models appear to fit better with the overall graphical tone of the game, and have fewer clipping issues on top of that. I still think some of them look pretty terrible (the Ogres in particular,) but most Ogres are in armor anyway, and the Halflings for example look much more appropriately plump using the older models. I wish more hair and beard styles would get added to the traditional mix, though.

Anyone interested in joining the Unfettered Hand should keep an in-game eye open for these character names: Friyja, Rantry, Iskaaron, Lillard, Ellyreos, Dirrha. My last character, Hrassk, isn’t in the guild right now, until I can get somebody online to invite him.

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