Superheroes at the Movies

Another brief diversion: I saw The Incredible Hulk over the weekend. I found the previous Ang Lee iteration lifeless and ham-handed, and wasn’t impressed by the trailers for this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s considerably better than I thought it was going to be. Not as good as Iron Man, but highly watchable and entertaining nonetheless, with a lot of nods to both the comics continuity and the Bixby TV show. If anything, it’s more a sequel to that show than it is to the Ang Lee film.

I also saw (online) the trailer for Punisher: War Zone. Which may or may not turn out to be any good (I thought the Thomas Jane effort was decent but by no means fantastic,) but I’m there on opening night because Titus Pullo is playing the Punisher. Almost impossibly perfect casting, and Stevenson sppaers to absolutely nail it from what I can tell from the trailer.

Next up for the summer is my #1 most anticipated film of the year – The Dark Knight. If that’s anywhere near as good as Batman Begins I will be delighted by it.

I figure that the superhero film is this generation’s western – nominally superficial, shallow entertainments that nevertheless manage, sometimes, to give us something deeper. As an old comics nerd, I’m having lots of fun watching the tsunami of such films that we’ve seen in recent years and which looks to have no end in sight. Except while watching Ghost Rider.

2 responses to “Superheroes at the Movies

  1. Interesting, I wasn’t sure about Hulk… and why it was remade so soon after the last one (which I too found rubbish tbh). I like Ed Norton though.

    I almost went to see Iron Man, but plumped for Indy 4 instead as I thought it looked better. You rate Iron Man then?

  2. The new Hulk isn’t exactly a remake of the Ang Lee Hulk, and isn’t exactly a sequel to it either. It’s kind of a semi-reboot that sort of/mostly fits with the first film, and sort of/mostly fits with the TV series. It’s kind of hard to pin down in this respect, but I think it’s worth seeing.

    Iron Man was excellent, on par, I thought, with the first two Spider-Man films. I see a lot of movies (it’s something that Mrs. Ardwulf and I like to do together,) and it was probably the best one I’ve seen all year.

    Indy 4 I didn’t care for, as I thought it was missing the excellent writing and dialongue of the previous films in that series, and seemed murkily plotted at best. The aliens thing I didn’t mind, but I thought it was handled poorly. It’s always a pleasure to see John Hurt again, though.