Age of Conan, Your Ardwulf is Missing

So why am I not playing Age of Conan? I was posting pretty hardcore about it for several weeks and appeared, from my blog posts, to be having a good time with it. Well, that’s true, and I do consider the game to be fairly solid and the constant bitching from some quarters to be fairly pointless – some it it groundless as well. Sure, AoC has some problems, but launch issues are endemic to the MMO genre, and AoC launched better than most.

It’s mostly SOE’s fault. I was having fun with Age of Conan. I’m just having more fun in EQ2, a game with which I am (reasonably) familiar, totally comfortable with and which I happen to like very much. EQ2 just gives me a lot more to do than AoC did after the very well-done and very engaging Destiny questline was over. Yeah, I know it continues at level 30, but after that you don’t get another taste until 50, and if I’m going to grind levels in a game, it may as well be in a game where the leveling process is itself fun.

Plus, I started all my play, and reserved all my cool character names, on a PvP server, and while the constant threat of PvP was fun for a while, the lack of advanceability in PvP made it feel unrewarding kind of quickly. Sure, it was fun to gank guys from Murder Herd on sight, but after doing that a dozen times or so and getting nothing but the satisfaction out of it, it started to get a bit thin. I found myself thinking that I would have been happier on a PvE server, and dreading starting over from scratch.

And the guild that I’d signed up for, so promising at first, just didn’t work out. No hard feelings there – this kind of thing happens and real life got in the way for a couple of the prime movers, and I felt that to make it work I would myself need to move into a leadership position and start stepping on toes in the process. AoC all around feels a little bit out of my comfort zone in a few places, although there’s nothing that says I won’t feel differently about that three months from now.

I still think it’s a good game off to a very promising start, and long-time readers will recognize that I will probably go back to it some day. Hopefully when that day arrives a certain guild will have gotten off the ground on Wiccana and will have a place for me. Meanwhile, I’m trying to lay the groundwork to get my own operation (The Unfettered Hand) off the ground in EQ2, establishing adventurers in various roles to take advantage of all the wonderful group content that EQ2 offers, and building the crafting base to support that.


2 responses to “Age of Conan, Your Ardwulf is Missing

  1. You did not make a bad choice at all.
    EQ2 is still a great game (I played for an hour this morning before work)
    And I also put time into AoC.

    I have such a casual playstyle, that it is easy for me to be entertained with 1 hour or 10.

    I clocked in 2 quests on AoC and hit level 45 this morning.
    Then I headed to the gathering instance, and left there. I will log back in later today, spend an hour or two gathering, and post items on the broker (I have 1.2 gold right now, and everyone in my guild freaked out…and wondered how I did it…secret is easy sales of resources…hehe)

    Then I logged into EQ2, did gathering and some killing for XP. Posted some items on the Broker, and logged.

    Tonight My wife and myself will play EQ2 into the wee hours together. After she gets home though…but, first more AoC.

    I think I like having two MMO’s, as I have yet to find any major issues to bitch about in AoC…

    Have fun, and take care.

  2. I decided to leave and not continue with AoC after the 30 days free subscription is over.

    In all fairness to the game it was an impulse purchase for me, and I had not been watching the game prior to its release – so knew little about it before sitting down to play. I just found it lacked things to keep me hooked; I just didn’t connect enough with the game to pay monthly for it.

    I’m not sorry to have tried the game though, it was good lesson learned in that I am happier than I thought I was with EQ2.