The Best MMOs on the Market

Possibly I’m reading too much into this, but one of the search terms that’s come up a few times leading readers to this blog is ‘switching mmos’. This is interesting because it leads me to think that there are at least a few people out there who aren’t happy with whatever it is that they’re currently playing, and looking to the MMO blogosphere for suggestions on where to head next. So I’m going to write a series of posts about the games that are currently out that I think are worth playing and would recommend as games that I think people can get into in the long term, as a series of posts rather than lumping eveything into one giant infodump. They are not in any particular order, except insofar as the order I feel like writing about them in, so don’t read anything into that. Yes, I’ll be doing Vanguard, but as this blog is now primarily consumed with that game, I think I’ll try to do it later.

The first article will be appearing this week. Subsequent pieces will appear more or less weekly.

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