WAR Open Beta Farewell

I bid farewell to the Warhammer Open Beta. Oh, and I killed a character called ‘Keenherder’ today in Gates of Ekrund, from the Happy Fun Guyz Guild. Twice. See you in-game on Tuesday! Here’s a final shot of me at the character selection screen:

Amusingly enough, after some fretting and a great deal of experimentation, I’m going with my initial two class choices: Black Orc and Bright Wizard. Not that there won’t be alts.

As of right now, Casualties is rolling Order on Averheim and Destruction on Volkmar. However, anybody in Casualties should check the appropriate threads HERE before making characters – the selection has already changed a couple of times in the name of avoiding the Goons. To which I say: good call, intrepid leaders.

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