Milestone: Post #200

That last was my 201st post here at Ardwulf’s Lair, by the way. I somehow managed to miss #200 despite paying attention. Were I writing a novel, I would have passed a resaonable word count long ago.

UPDATE: While I’m posting in the ‘blogging’ category, I may as well make a couple of observations.

I had my highest weekly hit count in the week of Age of Conan’s launch. I had a smaller spike when Massively linked my piece on why EVE Online is worth playing.

Now, while hit count really isn’t all that important, it’s kind of gratifying to get lots of hits, and although I’m guilty of sometimes using sensational headlines, I have yet to post anything inflammatory enough to draw the really big flames (and therefore the hits they bring.) But I have also never, not once, asked anybody for a link. Every hit here has been earned by the words.

I will be blogging extensively on my first week in Warhammer – hopefully with screenshots. I don’t expect to get nearly as big a hit bump, since there are dozens of other bloggers, many, many of whom get far more hits than I do on a daily basis, covering this launch – there were about three bloggers covering AoC in any kind of thorough way.

But that’s okay, and here’s why: the moral for bloggers. A lot of the readers you will draw you’ll get by persistence, not because of sensationalism. Post good thoughts, keep blogging, and be satisfied that your readers think your words are worthwhile. The task is its own reward. But more important are the friendships you form with the blogging community; your network of blogger friends is something unique to you. Mine, Stargrace, Tipa, Openedge, Shamutanti, and others who I will feel bad for not remembering as I write, are the pay for what I do here. Not the hits.


3 responses to “Milestone: Post #200

  1. Your blog is the first one I read everyday (might have something to do with ‘A’ being first in the alphabet!), and I enjoy it. ‘Nuff said.