WAR News and WoW

WAR is shipping tomorrow – 1.5 million units. This is more than double what Age of Conan shipped at launch. How long will they last?

In possibly related news, WoW Insider is reporting that Wrath of the Lich King will be released on November 13th. Despite feeling from the beta testers that it wouldn’t be ready for months. Is this more evidence of reactionary panic at Blizzard?

If anyone’s wondering, and I don’t think I’ve concealed it, yeah, I’m hoping that Blizzard is panicking. WoW needs a shakeup, very badly. WoW needs the competition.

6 responses to “WAR News and WoW

  1. Actually, AOC shipped 1 million units at launch and *sold* at retail about 800,000 of those. 400,000 of those stuck around after a few months, though.

    Do you have any links for beta testers talking about WOTLK not being ready? I haven’t paid attention much to the beta rumblings about the game so it would be really interesting to hear more about that 🙂

  2. 700K units were shipped at launch for AoC. They hit the 1 million figure post-launch. I can’t find a good link for that at work, but you should be able to substantiate it with Google.

    I’m going on forum scuttlebutt for the WoW comment… feel free to regard it as hearsay.

  3. Competition is a good thing and i’d love to see blizzard make a bad step and releasing too early, it would perhaps make them a little more customer oriented.

    With the cash that WoW makes, they could have made a lot more things for the game that a paying addon every two years (yes 2 or almost).

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