Leveling in WAR

I haven’t looked at the Realmwar site yet – I keep getting distracted by actually playing Warhammer. But Hudson reports that there’s a level 25 character on our server. That’s 62.5% of the level cap.

The game launches tomorrow.

One man’s insanity is another man’s bacon, I suppose. We have all seen people rushing to outlevel MMOs, in every game. But it seems to me that there’s even less reason to do this in WAR – in an RvR-centered game, how much fun is it going to be to be pretty much alone in Tier 3?

It actually made more sense in Age of Conan, where as a high-level character at server go live you could own everybody else – not that doing so would get you anything except demonstrating your sense of self-worth in inverse proportion to your level achievement at launch, but you can at least see the logic.

But this leads me to wondering about how the speed of leveling will work out in WAR. I have no idea what Mythic’s estimated ‘hours to level cap’ figure might be, but as far as I’ve gotten, it seems to me like it levels a bit more slowly than WoW. This may be because I have spent a good portion my my in-game hours, both in the beta and the early access, doing RvR instead of PvE questing. I’m not sure that this is the fastest way to level, but about 75/25 in favor of RvR seems to be what’s most fun for me at the moment, and I’m satisfied with that.

I’m quite satisfied having reached rank 9 and renown rank 9 in the first day. That took about 8 or 9 hours of play, and that’s emphatically not the kind of time I can put in regularly, even on the weekends. And leveling seems to slow down somewhere around level 5 – but again, that may be because that’s where I’ve started to move into RvR instead of sticking with PvE questing. I’d be curious to hear about leveling speed from those who are doing one or the other exclusively.


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  1. As a side note also. I’ve been playing for 23 hours now, am rank 15, rr13 and only been in Altdorf and Tier 1 + 2 of Dwarf area. Currently finishing off chapter 7.