The Second Day of Christm… er, I Mean WAR

I played a good deal of WAR last night, staying up well past my normal bedtime, and a little bit this morning. There was a brief queue on Averheim at around 8 PM, but nothing crazy – it took less than a minute to get in. Queues are a major problem so far on certain servers, including Volkmar, Casualties’ choice for Destruction. The decision has therefore been made to move Destruction to Thorgrim, which is a shame for those people who put a lot of hours in on Sunday and Monday to get their Destruction characters advanced, but if that kind of call has to be made, better to do it now than to wait a few weeks and trash a bunch of Tier 3 characters. I went and reserved my characters on Thorgrim, but because of both the queues and the move, I think I’ll wait a few days – possibly until after the weekend – to start playing Destruction. As it is, I’m having lots of fun with the Bright Wizard.

Several nitpicky but nonetheless burdensome problems exist in WAR, starting with the server queues. But those aren’t a problem on most servers, most of the time. Server lag, which was very much in evidence last night on Averheim, is a bigger issue. It was noticeable even in PvE with only a couple of dynamic objects on the screen, and was worse in RvR. Not intolerable, but not desirable, and I hope that Mythic can improve the situation. Also, the servers list is still not correct – it doesn’t show that I have characters on Averheim, even though I’ve never actually played elsewhere.

The biggest niggling beef I have is that you have to approve both the Terms of Service and the player code on conduct every time you log in, separately. It’s not even the kind you can click-though; you have to scroll all the way to the bottom, check a box, and then hit Accept. There really needs to be a way to disable this except when the terms change, like you can do in pretty much every other MMO.

I also locked up once last night, but that may have been caused by aggressive alt-tabbing out of the game. Alt-tabbing has been a cause of problems for many, but for me it’s generally worked fine. But the reason that I’m alt-tabbing so much is that I am having a murderously difficult time getting Vent to work properly; yesterday morning at least the live mic was working, but last night it wasn’t, and I still can’t get push to talk working. Once I pick up the retail box (on Friday,) I’m going to reinstall the game from disc and see if that solves the issue. I’ll also try reinstalling Vent. If none of that works, I may have to do something more creative, like running Vent on the laptop or something. It’d be a pain, but I’d rather do that than lose such a valuable tool.

The great majority of my time last night was spent running scenarios – primarily Gates of Ekrund – with Casualties. It was lots of fun, and we did very well in the first several rounds before losing our healers and taking it in the dumper in the last three or four. A couple of times, we turned around very bleak situations to win the scenario. The guild is now rank 6 and climbing upward.

This morning I played for maybe an hour and ran a couple of PvE quests. Populations were fairly low, so there was no chance to do any Public Quests, although there were certainly enough people around that if I’d had the time and inclination I could probably have assembled a group for it.

Einfeuer is now at rank 9, renown 9 and is kitted out in the very best gear that Tier 1 has to offer. He’s also starting to get his AoE abilities; this is how I intend to spec him in the long term. It’s occurred to me to wait until release on Thursday to level beyond 10 or so; the scenarios should be filled with low-level chumps bolstered to 8 and thirsting for fireblasts to the face. I will probably not go out of my way to do this… but if it happens, I won’t complain.

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3 responses to “The Second Day of Christm… er, I Mean WAR

  1. You know…if they just would upgrade those Pentium 3 Linux servers that the data is stored on, it could get smoother…


    Anyways, so many launch woes. But, I have to say a lot of people agree the game is fun.
    Keen and Graev think the game is rocking stable…well, except for 4 CTD’s in one night…but it is stable (lol)

    I am sure things will smooth out though…enjoy your stay


  2. Yeah, I saw that too.

    CTDs are a game-killing issue for me – they drove me out of Vanguard a couple of times. They are a problem I am NOT willing to be very lenient on. But WAR is running fine for me – it’s crashed or locked twice, and both times it was (I think) because of an outside application in one way or another.

  3. I had no CTD, except 2 but when in open beta, i’d say that this is fairly stable for a new game and that it is hard to make a stable game for evry config, there is so much different config and more or less well maintained.