Another Blogging Milestone

In blogging news, yesterday broke the single-day hit record for this site… by quite a bit, thanks to pieces about the Warhammer launch. Looks like I was wrong about not getting as big a spike as I did during the AoC launch. Today is actually looking like it’ll beat the old record as well, and there’s a lot of day left.

Part Three of my WAR Walkthrough is in the works… it’ll deal with World RvR, and I don’t have quite the handle on the subject that I feel I need. Expect it some time next week. There will be a Part Four as well, dealing with Tradeskills, in which I have not played around at all, so you won’t see that for a bit yet, although I do plan on starting to fool with them on my alts.

I forgot to mention in the earlier post that I installed the Curse Client as well. This sends data to and also manages your addons, so it’s handy. The only addon I’ve put in so far is one that manages scrolling combat text a little differently. It also updated all my WoW addons.

Truthfully, the only reason I don’t uninstall WoW is beacuse it’s such a miserable bitch to reinstall and patch, should I find myself playing it again. Right now, it tempts me not at all, and I question whether I’ll ever go back to it, even after Wrath comes out. It seems to me that WAR has more to offer, and looks and plays better all-around, despite some growing pains.

Yesterday’s Strangelovian piece was a real stretch for me; I don’t have a sense of humor (so my wife assured me after we saw that masterpiece of humor, Epic Movie,) so it was a trial to try and write from the perspective of someone who does.


2 responses to “Another Blogging Milestone

  1. Congrats on the stats! I recently passed the 200k mark, which to me, was quite an achievement. Took me about 2.5 years to get to get to 100k, and another 6 month to get to 200k.

  2. Tobold hits 2 million, you hit 200K, and I hit 20K all around the same
    time. Shows me where I am in the blogger’s heirarchy. 🙂

    I’ve been at this (here) for almost a year now. I should look into that.