Trying Greenskins and Chaos

Last night I visited the recently transplanted Destruction side of Casualties of WAR for an evening, finally getting my Black Orc Argazak up and running. The Greenskin area is possibly the best in the game, and it was fun to go through even a second time, hitting Public Quests that I’d missed the first time. When I left him he was rank 6, renown 4, and in the Kron Komar Gap – which has the best Public Quest I’ve seen so far in the game, the competitive one where you have to out-kill the other side to spawn your bosses, and in which some PvP will inevitably happen.

I also flew out to the Inevitable City, although I tarried not in that place. Today’s screenshot is from there – it’s a very atmospheric and visually striking place. I’m looking forward to exploring both of the capitals – I’ve visited them both now but explored neither.

I also, on something of a lark, made a Zealot to try out healing. Surprisingly, the name ‘Madness’ was not already taken. I got him to level 4 and even played a couple of rounds of Nordenwatch with him. One of those matches ended in defeat for our side… 499 to 500. Talk about a close match! I couldn’t help but think that if I hadn’t been level 2 I’d have been able to contribute more and push our side to victory; at level 4 the Zealot has both a HoT and a DoT, which would have been extremely useful. Now, I have zero experience doing group healing. In any MMO. So take that into consideration when I say that I think I did okay.

I doubt that I will play much of the Zealot, but at the very least I now have a healer with basic capabilities on the bench. Having a healer around is always helpful. I will probably make a healer alt on the Order side – the Runepriest, the Zealot’s opposite number, which is why I picked him.

Scenario queues were… astonishingly bad. I’m not sure what the population situation is on Thorgrim, save to note that there weren’t any login queues, but the wait to get into scenarios – any scenarios – was horrible. An hour plus, if not longer. There was talk about some kind of bug, but this never seemed to happen on Averheim, so it’s hard to believe that something of that sort could be confined to a single server.

It was clear from the very beginning that population balance was going to be one of the major issues in managing WAR. As a growing pain in the wake of launch, I’m willing to put up with it, but Mythic’s going to need to get these issues settled or some folks are going to sour on the game.

I’m going to pick up my retail box tonight from Best Buy. Despite promising a significant grace period between the launch and the point at which you’d be cut off until you punch a retail code into your account, the deadline turns out to be today at 7 PM. That’s not much of a grace period, and some folks are fuming over it. As great as it is to be in a game at launch, I’m looking forward to a month or two from now when all this crap has been hammered out and everybody can concentrate on actually playing.

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so my play over the weekend will be limited, but probably no more than it usually is. If I get to play at all in the early morning (and I usually do on Saturdays and Sundays,) I will probably work on getting some alts to scenario-able levels (4-5) if there’s nothing CoW-related going on. I should be on tonight rather late.

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