Vanguard Launches Free Trial Program

In the wake of the release of Game Update 6, which among many other improvements included a new starting area for all characters, with level 1-10 quests and content in all three spheres (Adventuring, Diplomacy and Crafting, plus Harvesting,) SOE has launched, at long last, a 14-day trial program for Vanguard.

The trial client is pretty lightweight, so you can download it pretty easily. Anyone in the market for a traditional MMO with detailed combat and crafting and a rich and immersive world should probably try Vanguard, if they haven’t already.

For the benefit of new readers: Vanguard had a horrible launch marred by severe technical problems and a lack of content in various places. SOE fully took it over last summer, and they’ve made enormous improvements since then in virtually every corner of the game. It’s still not perfect, but it’s in solid shape now and worth giving a shot to.

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