Warhammer Upgrade

So Friday night I stopped by Best Buy to pick up my Warhammer Online preorder, and they had two copies of the Collector’s Edition sitting on the shelf.

Of course, I upgraded. This is pretty much the first and only Collector’s Edition for I’ve bought for anything (though I always wanted the one for Vanguard, and I’ll pick it up on eBay at some point.)

Activation of my code went completely smoothly, and I was back in-game very quickly. The Collector’s Edition special faces are not incredibly impressive, and not worth the price by themselves, but the two hardcover books are very nice; the artbook is huge, heavy and packed with cool stuff. You also get a hardcover graphic novel which has some nice art in it as well, and sets up the storyline of the game, but it’s not very well-told. The pacing is off, and the visual storytelling abilities of the artists seem pretty weak, although the art itself is quite good. There’s also a blister pack containing a pewter Warhammer miniature.

I got Einfeuer engaged in some large-scale open world RvR action, and was with the party that managed to successfully take Stonetroll Keep in Troll Country. I also dabbled in the Chapter 6 Public Quests, but couldn’t get a group together that conatined an actual tank, so aside from running up some Influence, I didn’t get very far – although I did reach rank 13.

I also ran Phoenix Gate, the Tier 2 High Elf vs. Dark Elf scenario; it’s a capture-the-flag sort of deal, similar to Warsong Gulch. I managed to work up some renown as well, so I’m on my way to renown rank 11, but not quite there yet.

With all the other stuff happening this weekend, I didn’t get much more play in, but today I chatted a bit with Stargrace over Xfire, and she’s not only playing but has joined Casualties, which is outstanding. One more conquest! And we shall not stop until every member of the MMO Blogosphere is swooning over WAR! BWAHAHAHA!

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3 responses to “Warhammer Upgrade

  1. Well, I dunnos that I got into the guild, no one has talked to me and though I’ve checked forms etc nothing’s been said. But I’m having fun wandering around, doing lots of quests, lots of smushing of people and all that goodness. Wrote a few posts about my initial reactions to the game – hopefully I can find some folks to hang out and play with, I’m not sure what level people are at and I want to catch up!

  2. You?!? Catch up?!? You’ll have outleveled us all by weeks’ end! 🙂

    Anyhow, you’re in per the CoW forum (as a ‘junior member’); you just have to make contact with the guild in-game and get your characters admitted. Easiest way to do that is by hitting Vent and asking in-channel. Right now there’s a main plus one alt policy due to there being a cap on guild membership and no guild notes. That’s per faction, not per player.

    I’ll be on around 4:30ish today myself, assuming the cold I appear to be coming down with doesn’t beciome too debilitating. Hope to see you around! There are still plenty of guildies in Tier 1, I think, even on mains.