Healers and Keep Sieges

Warhammer’s servers were down for about two hours last night for emergency maintenance… right in my prime play window. Nevertheless, I did get a little bit of action in; I played a little bit more of the Kron Komar Gap PQ on my Black Orc, Argazak; the area was pretty much RvR-free at the time. He’s still level 6, and I’ll need to run that PQ at least once more to max out his Influence.

I also played a bit on Thrungvar, the Runepriest that I’d created when I first got into the headstart; at this point he’s at level 4, renown rank 3. I intend to advance him more or less exclusively in RvR beyond rank 5 or 6; the Runepriest and Zealot are not easy classes to solo advance with, although you can get quite a bit of mileage out of Public Quests and open groups. I had absolutely no experience as a party healer going into Warhammer, so I’m feeling my way around in the dark; in two runs at Nordenwatch last night I performed horribly in the first and… well, not so bad in the second, where I did 13K+ points of healing and succeeded in keeping a couple of guys up and in the fight for a good long time, until Destruction broke the line, as they invariably did, and jumped up and down on my head.

Interestingly, I saw fewer Bright Wizards in these scenario runs, and a lot more Witch Hunters. I’ll be curious to see whether or not this represents a larger trend, as my main is and will continue to be a Bright Wizard. Not that I want to see no Bright Wizards, mind – they’re very powerful in batteries and by focusing fire, as we did last night, we can melt very tough targets regardless of whatever healing they may be getting.

I am not entirely satisfied with the functionality of the UI when it comes to being the group healer; it’s easy enough to cycle offensive targets, but the means of cycling defensive targets (CTRL-Tab) is damn awkward; I’ll have to fool a bit with the keybindings and see if I can’t come up with something. Maybe it’s finally time to look at picking up a dedicated gaming controller. Not a console controller, but something like the FANG Gamepad or Belkin N52.

Later on in the evening, I took Einfeuer out for a stroll with the Casualties. We formed up a full warband, took the Monastery of Morr, a Battlefield Objective in Troll Country, and laid siege to two keeps, both of which were pretty well-stocked with Destruction players. Both attempts failed, but were fun anyway – and the hour or so that I spent put me very close to renown rank 11. There will be another try tonight, although I’m not sure I’ll be around for it.

It appears that taking a Tier 2 keep requires a full warband. Taking out any defending players requires more resources on top of that, and anything like an organized resistance, even just by one group or so, can really throw a wrench into the attempt unless you have a separate group of six or more on hand just to deal with player defenders; until the gates of the keep are broached, this group can guard the sally port (back door) of the keep to prevent reinforcements coming in unimpeded.

When one starts getting into full-bore Warband-on-Warband action, the lag gets very noticeable, and turning your client settings down for maximal framerate doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. This is going to be a big issue in the long run as guilds start to form alliances.

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3 responses to “Healers and Keep Sieges

  1. Good times tonight. I did have to set my video settings down to best framerate to make my machine chug the content. I think I rezzed you at one point tonight!

  2. The default interface does leave something to be desired for a healer. There is a really simple addon called squared that can make healing much better. It allows you to see everyone’s health and then you can click on their box to target them. It is similiar to a WOW addon called grid. The only thing it lacks at the moment is it does not tell you who is in range or not but I expect it well soon. In wow there is actually a healing combo called clique and gird that makes healing a raid super efficient. grid allows you to see who needs heals and clique lets you set different heals to different mouse buttons so you can click heal.

  3. Yes, it was very awesome, and thanks for the rez!. I need to get out of the habit of clicking ‘respawn’ in big group actions. I only wish that I could have hung around for more of the action.

    I’m not sure how much I’ll be playing healers – I did notice the Squared addon, and it’s something I’ll investigate should I play more.