If You Buy Gold, You Are a Shiftless Cheat. And Stupid.

The recent brouhaha about banning gold sellers in Warhammer Online leads me to ask a question. Note that this does not neccessarily apply in games where there’s some legitimate method of obtaining in-game goods for real-world cash, as is the case with SOE’s Station Exchange and EVE’s Time Cards. This is not a question about microtransactions or for people who play those games

Why would you buy gold in WAR? There’s really not much to spend money on. The game seems pretty free of the ridiculous money sinks of games like WoW where gold sellers thrive best. And obtaining money through play is far less grindy than it is in WoW. Don’t you know that if you buy gold you are virtually guaranteed to have your account hacked or your credit card stolen down the line, because it’s by using stolen accounts that gold sellers get their gold, and by using stolen credit cards that they get accounts to launder that gold through and spam the player base?

Do people buy gold because they’d rather cheat than play the game even though there appears to be no good reason to do so? Or do they just do it because they’re stupid?


4 responses to “If You Buy Gold, You Are a Shiftless Cheat. And Stupid.

  1. In deed, there is no reason currently to buy gold in WAR (up to lvl 25 at least).
    In WoW there is. There are huge moneysinks, some items are worth it (mounts), some not (bags). Assume you need to make 1K gold. That currently goes for around 8Euro. If I needed to farm that gold, it would take me around 10hours, which for my hourly working rate amounts to 500Euro. So I’d rather 8Euro instead of 10 hours anytime.

  2. I can understand those numbers, and certainly agree that the design of WoW encourages this very behavior. But the equation you’re presented leaves out a bunch of variables, the most important of which is why you need to buy success in a pastime that is supposed to be fun in its own right. Your stating it in terms of what you’d normally get paid for the time is significant – you’re seeing the time spent in-game grinding that money as work.

  3. I think a lot of people do it because they’re stupid. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. But my point is that they are ignorant of what gold buying is or does. And when you try to tell the millions of younger players they avoid it like homework. Yes(that’s obviously from a personal experience of many peoples responses to me when I, in fact, tried to provide info for them about what gold farming is and does). My point still stands.

  4. People that buy game currency with real-world money are just a bunch of stupid, lazy nerds who would rather waste real money on in game stuff than get it for themselves. It’s a game, why would you be that serious about it, to the point where you blow money on that crap?