Half a Million Players

Give or take a day, one week after Warhammer Online’s launch there are half a million people registered to play the game. Congratulations are due to Mythic and the WAR development team for putting out a great product and launching well on top of that.

That’s a phenomenal number (EA is claiming WAR is the fastest-selling MMO in history,) but not really surprising, given that the less-hyped (and less good) Age of Conan pulled in similar numbers, although admittedly not quite as quickly. But lest we lose sight of the future, the question is how well Mythic will address lingering issues and how well the game will fare over the next couple of months, leading into the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

I’m rooting for Warhammer. I’m rooting for it to take half of Blizzard’s North American audience away, even though I’m not at all sure it’ll do that. But I think that WoW players should be rooting for Warhammer as well – anything to shake that game out of the rut of complacency that it’s been in for some time. Many people, even loyal WoW players who won’t leave it, are sick of the game, sick of enhancements not getting put in the game, sick of expansions packed with more of the same, and sick of Blizzard denying problems and making stupid decisions to fix things nobody’s concerned about.

Warhammer is the last, best hope for World of Warcraft.


4 responses to “Half a Million Players

  1. “Warhammer is the last, best hope for World of Warcraft.”

    Agreed, and I find it extremely ironic when, in my opinion, it may be that Wrath is what finally kills Warcraft. The Warcraft player base is going to suck the new content dry in less time than the beta has been available.

    What then?

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