Tier 3 Approaches

Over the weekend I got a decent amount of WAR play in. I took a new character, a Witch Hunter named Walther, to rank 4, renown rank 3. And I started a Witch Elf, Geist, on Thorgrim and got to to rank 4. Thorgrim, however, continues to be frustrating to play on due to my total inability to get into a scenario – I spent close to two hours in queue on Friday night, and Gates of Ekrund did not fire.

I am enjoying the Black Orc and would love to try some of the other Destruction classes, but I do not relish the idea of having to advance without being able to play scenarios to help the process along and more importantly to keep my renown rank moving upward as my level increases. It’s impractical to head right out to the world RvR area, where there may or may not be something going on at any given time. You’ll get your bolster buff and can contribute, but you’ll also spent a lot fo time running back and forth between the places where the action happens to be.

This has now reached the point where I am considering abandoning Destruction altogether or finding a different server to play it on. The smart move is to be patient about it and hope that the population on Thorgrim self-repairs over the next few weeks, so we’ll see – I’m not pulling any triggers just yet.

The Curse client has apparently taken a dump on me; I now get an error message when I try to run it and have thus far been disinclined to troubleshoot the problem. Maybe I’ll fool with it tonight – possibly it’s as simple as me needing to run it as administrator.

On an upbeat note, I went into the weekend with Einfeuer at rank 14, renown rank 12, and ended at renown rank 14 and a whisker away from rank 18. I got into some Mourkain Temple action with some Casualties, and it’s a fun scenario – the best of the Tier 2s, in my opinion. It runs fast, downtime is short and killing is abundant, although there are not a lot of great sightlines around the temple itself.

I also flew out to the Chaos Wastes on a lark, which I’d unlocked in a previous wandering. A /who there revealed a few of players in the 30s tooling around, which shouldn’t surprise anyone – I think there are now level 40s on Averheim, cold and lonely in Tier 4. For a guy with a life, I seem to be doin pretty good.

It’s occurred to me that I’ve been playing Warhammer for three weeks now, going back to the Open Beta. And I am not bored yet. That in itself should say something; I rarely went through three weeks of regular WoW play without being pretty sick of the game by the end, with the last eight or ten days of the 30-day subscription spent playing something else. Even my favorites have sometimes bored me in less time.

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5 responses to “Tier 3 Approaches

  1. I know that Nordenwatch is the most popular Tier 1 scenario – this appears to hold true on most servers. But Gates of Ekrund takes maybe two minutes to pop on Averheim. Nonetheless, I’ll get back to Chaos (which I have yet to play in Live,) give that a whirl and see what happens.

  2. I loved Gates of Ekrund, myself. I wish more were like it, with it’s LoS tactics and whatnot.

    Good point about the “boredom”. WoW was the last game that had this much for me to do, and to do feasibly. That’s part of it I think.

    I can log on for 15 minutes and pretty much always make some progress in RvR, or PQs, or Scenarios, or just a quest or two. Mythic’s gone a long way towards making one’s time well spent and it shows. Hence, I never feel like logging in would be a waste of time, because even with limited play, I still feel like I’m able to contribute to my guild and my realm.