The big surge in hits predictably came and went with the Warhammer launch – the Walkthrough series proved to be very popular. The site set records for peak day, peak week and peak month, and by a very tidy margin in all cases.

Every time I had a similar spike, the daily hit counts returned to normal shortly afterward – maybe a little higher, but basically back to normal. Interestingly, that does not appear to be the case this time; daily averages post-spike are about four times what they were pre-spike. Much of this is probably residual traffic on the Warhammer Walkthrough series.

There’s a blog aggregation site out there called noobgibs which I hadn’t heard of before; they’ve been sending me some hits, so I checked it out. According to them, I’m the #6 blog site for Warhammer Online, which is… pretty remarkable, considering that plenty of blogs have been glowing over Warhammer for many months, whereas I’ve only been seriously blogging about it for maybe a month. But I’m also the #6 blog for for EverQuest, which makes me seriously question the quality of their sample; of the 228 posts made on this blog, all of 6 have been in the EverQuest category – it’s a game I have frequently enough mentioned in passing, but almost never talked about in any depth at all.

I am pleased to note that the ‘Weekend Musical Break’ series is getting some traction; it’s something I’d been meaning to do for a while. These particular posts use a WordPress feature that I’m playing with for the first time – the ability to schedule posts for future publication. This has allowed me the unique luxury of constructing a sort of narrative over the next several posts which are ready to go and will require no further tampering from me. Think of them as a sort of ‘Chapter One’ in an ongoing work.

Anyway, the point of the post is to offer a welcome and a thank you to any new regular readers I have have picked up due to recent activity. Hope you’ll stick around.

One final note. I don’t admire those who take my work and repost it on their own (typically ad-supported) site. That’s tacky and borders on thievery. But I’m not writing professionally here, and nobody is literally taking bread from my mouth. As long as I get an attribution.

If I don’t, if you repost my stuff with even the courtesy of putting the real author’s name in your stolen article, you can count on me rewriting your pingback in an insulting way, and making sure that anyone following your link knows exactly where they are going and what kind of vermin you are. It’s a small victory, I know, but it’ll make me feel better.

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