Pushing Upward

Last night’s play consisted primarily of scenarios; lots of Stonetroll Crossing and a few runs of Phoenix Gate. The best T2 scenario to run for the purposes of advancement, however, is Mourkain Temple, because it tends to pop often, run quickly and there’s a lot of killing. Alas, most of the scenario groups I ended up with seemed pretty inept; large groups in Stonetroll crossing running away from the ball, and flag campers in Phoenix Gate. This appears to be an Order-wide problem, but for what it’s worth, the faction seems better-coordinated in open-world RvR than they do in scenarios. It does help when you have a solid group to go in with.

After all was done, I’d met my goal – rank 19 – and incidentally had also hit renown rank 15. It’s probably time to check a renown gear vendor for upgrades at this point. I also picked up the Apothecary skill and fooled around a bit with that, although the stuff I can make right now is way below my level and good only for vendor trash. I was thinking that people interested in crafting should probably start doing it in Tier 1, but the crafting trainers are generally at the second of third quest hub and the stuff you can make as a starting apothecary is worthless even at those levels. I didn’t feel like hanging around crafting for half an hour, so I gave up at about level 15.

Crafting in WAR is pretty rudimentary at this point. Oh, the crafting professions that are there are pretty rich and detailed, but there’s not much you can make – Apothecaries make potions, dyes and other consumables, and Talisman Makers produce Talismans that can be socketed into some items – and even some low-level items in WAR have Talisman slots. Much as it’d be nice to have a supply of decent potions handy, crafting at this point is not of serious interest to me. It’s not like I need the money – your level 20 mount only costs 15 gold, and I’ve been sitting on that much for a level or two – and this is without auctioning anything off – everything has been sold to vendors.

Casualties is (as of last night) level 11 and will probably move up to rank 12 today or tomorrow. Level 15 gives us the cool guild cloaks. Many of the ‘usual suspects’ (the most frequent players) are now pushing into Tier 3 content, and I’m bucking to join them, as soon as I get one more level and my mount. You need to be at least level 20 to participate in the Tier 3 content. I am still well ahead of what seems to be the guild average level.

It occurs to me that much of my Destruction play has happened in the mid-afternoon, which may be part of the problem I’ve had in getting into scenarios; it’s not a weird time, but it’s not a peak time, either. I have chosen to spend the majority of my playing time during peak hours on Order, where scenarios pop more or less instantly, at least in Tier 2 – they are firing unevenly in Tier 3 as of now, but that’ll change as more and more people hit those levels. There are two scenarios per pairing in T3 as opposed to just one in Tiers 1 and 2.

At one point, one of the folks on Vent mentioned that it seemed like every scenario group opposing them (in T3) was some elite guild. The reason for that should be obvious; it’s the top tier of players who have already gotten that far. Remember that the game has been out for less than two weeks, and while there are players in the 30s on our server now, they are very much the exception, and you have to have pushed pretty hard to have gotten to Tier 3 this early.

As I move up, I need to decide on an alt to push into Tier 2 – I want to have a character available at every Tier. I’m not sure who that’ll be yet; I’ve gotten started on a Witch Hunter, a Runepriest and a Swordmaster, but none of those are far enough along to make me fret about starting over. Of those, I am most inclined to push the Runepriest, and am disinclined to choose the Witch Hunter – I’ve already been through the Empire content on Einfeuer and I may as well try out another area – I’ve never gotten past Chapter 3 in the Elf areas, or Chapter 4 in the Dwarf areas, so all that will be pretty new. I may make an Ironbreaker; I like playing tanks in RvR.

This reminds me that I tried to set up my G15 keys last night, to no avail – they don’t work in-game. To be honest, I’ve pretty much failed to get them to work with every game, but I need them more here than I did in, say, Vanguard. So I’m going to fool with it some more.

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3 responses to “Pushing Upward

  1. You were kicking my ass in progression until your brief sabbatical. Besides, I’m still in Tier 2. I’m going to try to run some of the early T3 PvE quests today to try to get up to 20, get my mount, then run some T2 scenarios at the top of the curve for a change. I likely still have a day or two before I’m forced into T3.

  2. Must be nice. I’ve never seen Mountain Temple on Thorgrim as Destruction. I don’t know anyone who has played in it since launch, it simply never pops. I could very well be joining you guys on Averheim soon, this low population, destruction lopsided server is a drag for someone who likes scenarios alot.