Gold Spamming Outrage!

A few people are getting all up-in-arms about tells from gold spammers. In particular, not only is there no context menu available for names in the chat window that would enable you to send spammers to your ignore list with a couple of clicks, there’s no obvious way to even report spammers; I tried /report, /spam and /spamreport last night and none of those are recognized commands. Worse still, the Ignore List does not appear to actually work.

I don’t see this as worth working oneself up into such a huff as to cancel one’s account over. Maybe this is because WoW has trained me not to pay too much attention to chat in the first place. But WAR has no General Chat, something I appreciate based on the experience of WoW. Either way, tells from gold spammers, while certainly annyong, have not seemed to me to be a major problem – it’s not as through they are choking my chat window.

Still, I do see this as a significant problem, and if Mythic is as serious about putting a stop to it as they say, they’re going to want to fix the current issues quickly; fix the ignore list and add context menus to the chat window and make it easy to report gold-spamming asswipes. I suspect that the long-term solution to the problem is in the games’ design itself, however: there is simply little need to buy gold in WAR.

7 responses to “Gold Spamming Outrage!

  1. it’s not as through they are choking my chat window.
    This morning, my entire chat window was gold spam. In the time that I alt-tabbed to cancel and make that post, I got three more. In the time that I added SpamMeNot and alt-tabbed back, I had another. And then more after adding the add-on.

  2. what is amusing is no one read his previous post
    WAR Not quite ready
    With a list of his other issues with the game.
    It just seems this is the final nail in the coffin is all.
    And if anything he will be like most people, and chalk it up to launch and wait a few months (like I said on his post in comments, for me Age of Conan…quit after the first month, came back in Month 4, and find the game much better, smoother and more fun)

  3. I use CSR ticket, subject Harassment, player name, “gold seller” and the URL he is representing. I talked to a CSR rep and they told me this is a legitimate “harassment” complaint.

    This isn’t me defending there not being an easier way to report these guys; that is absolutely needed. But in case anyone is wondering how to do it now, that’s how, clumsy as it may be.

  4. Even a little problem can seem big when it crops up over and over in game after game. When will the devs work on a system ahead of time instead of thinking they will somehow be immune to these problems? It’s downright pathetic.

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