LotRO Accounts Reactivated For the Weekend

Turbine is offering lapsed subscribers of Lord of the Rings Online free access from October 2-5.

Now, I have not been a supporter of LotRO; I don’t think it’s all that great a game, despite admiring some of its features and especially the way that Turbine has supported it. LotRO is a game that I’ve said I’m simply unwilling to pay for, but might occasionally dabble in for free, much as I do with Guild Wars.

If I had the client installed I would probably spend a couple of hours fooling with it this weekend. I don’t, and I shan’t be derailing my bandwidth attempting to do so, but heads up for anyone interested.

3 responses to “LotRO Accounts Reactivated For the Weekend

  1. Will see if this makes any difference on X-Fire.

    But, I will log in so I may make videos of the horrible hitching issues again, and screenshots of the funny looking models and pixelated resized UI.

  2. History (from SOE doing this kind of thing) suggests that this sort of promotion is helpful to subscription numbers at least in the short term. But SOE is arguably higher-profile in the target audience than Turbine is, so I don’t know that this will be as big a help to LotRO.

    I guess we’ll see, between this and the MoM expansion. I may not care very much for the game, but I’d like to see the Turbine support model thrive if nothing else.

  3. 😀 yeah I wish it would become an industry standard, instead of the Microsoft-esque Blizzard one. Companies need to learn that excitement has real value and destroying it through inaction is costly.