The Last Days of Tier 2 – For Now

Casualties’ online roster is finally live. This spurred me to get my characters registered there, and finally get an Order alt guilded: Khalen, the Ironbreaker that I finally got around to playing yesterday. The guild is moving to a three characters per player cap rather than the two characters per realm we were going with before. I see the reasoning behind this (WAR caps all guilds at 500 members,) but I hope that this is eased soon – I would like to get more alts into the guild. We should be hitting guild rank 12 today.

I got Khalen to rank 3, renown rank 3, by running the introductory PvE quests and a couple rounds of Nordenwatch. The Ironbreaker is one of the two classes I played most heavily in Open Beta (the other being the Bright Wizard) and I enjoyed the hell out of it, so I’m looking forward to pushing this character upward – it’ll probably be the character I take into Tier 2 as I transition into T3 with Einfeuer.

Speaking of, in strictly scenario play (mostly in Mourkain Temple,) I hit rank 21 and renown rank 18 last night. Scenarios are popping very regularly, and the new queueing system did not seem to make much difference there. But I have yet to make another attempt at getting into scenarios on Thorgrim, and that’s where it was needed more. I understand that a mod exists that will allow you to queue for all available scenarios with a single click; this is something else I will eventually have to look into.

I couldn’t resist queueing for a few scenarios in High Pass, and got in one round of Doomfist Crater before signing out for the night. It has a single capture point, and some nodes of ‘Doomfist Ore’ that you can pick up and which buff your point gains. It’s a layout of wooden platforms above a swampy mire, and was a lot of fun to play in; I did pretty good, only dying a couple of times and getting pretty good damage output despite being at the bottom of the bracket. So far, every single scenario plays very distinctly despite there being only five or so different ‘modes’ that they’re designed around.

So my days in T2 with Einfeuer are numbered. I may hit 22 by the end of the weekend, but there’s (as usual) lots to do around the house for the next couple of days, so how much playtime I will actually get is anybody’s guess. There’s lots I want to accomplish in-game, though – a few more rounds in T2 scenarios, exploring the T3 scenarios, getting at least one alt up to rank 12, and dipping my toes into Thorgrim again to see if I can live the RvR life with the new queueing system in place. Much of this will probably have to wait until next week.

I got the Curse Client working again; I was getting an error when it started up saying that it couldn’t find such-and-such a file, so I wiped it and reinstalled it, and it seems to work fine now. I also got my G11 keys working, by setting the software to not load automatically with a boot, and placing a shortcut on the desktop from which I can run it as Administrator. My attempt at a complete redesign of my hotkeys was far less successful; I did a lot of fumbling around and hitting the wrong buttons. I plan to experiment with this further, and hopefully I can find some kind of middle ground that I’m comfortable with.

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