News From FFXI, EQ2 and WoW

You’ve been able to get a cheap trial for a while now from retail stores, but Square/Enix now has a digital download and free trial for Final Fantasy XI available from Direct2Drive. No link, but going to D2D’s site should find it for you very easily.

Me, I’ve never tried FFXI… and indeed I’ve never played any Final Fantasy title. Although my geek credentials will probably be revoked for having said this, I’ve never been very big on the anime art style.

In other News, Game Update 49 has been released for EverQuest 2. This is a pretty beefy update – it includes multicore processor support, guild halls, and bunches of small fixes and new quests. It also speeds leveling up between 20 and 70 – I’m curious to see how that shakes out, and worried that it’s the first step on a slippery slope to WoWdom. I will most assuredly get back to EQ2 at some point, but probably not until the new year.

And over in the sphere of WoW, there’s a forum post that talks about upcoming changes which seem very… timely. Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual has an excellent breakdown of it here.

One response to “News From FFXI, EQ2 and WoW

  1. Ive played fxxi a couple of times..once 3 years ago way to grindy..then about 6 months ago when after a day i realised the music made me feel ill lol…as for eq2 im thinking bout going back as i keep paying for station access so my son can play swg …