Real Life Intrudes

I managed to get my car into a small accident last night, in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway. No injuries or citations, but my car is rather the worse for wear, so I’ll be needing to get that taken care of today or tomorrow. You’d be amazed how much damage a low-speed collision can do to a modern car designed to crumple under any impact; minor or not, I expect the damage to come to at least $4,000. But hey, this is why we have insurance – I won’t be out more than my modest deductible, which is going to be a hit (no question) but isn’t going to break me or anything.

This sort of took the sheen off the evening, and I didn’t get any computer time in after that between the birthday party and phoning in stuff to my insurance company. Before leaving the house, though, I did manage to play a little EVE – training up a couple of short-term skills and running one quick, easy mission for the Brutor Tribe. I also reinstalled EVEMon and started working out a skill plan.

I will probably be able to put in an hour or so tonight, and may have more to say later today.

4 responses to “Real Life Intrudes

  1. Thanks – it really was a very low-speed collision, and I probably would still be fine even if I hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt (Ohio is one of those places where you have to wear one by law, and my car beeps at me annoyingly until I put it on anyway.)

  2. Ugh, that stinks a lot. I too am glad you’re ok, but you have my sympathies for having to deal with repair shops and insurance agents and all that.