A Casual Approach

I dropped my car off at the repair place this morning, and picked up a rental for however long the repairs take. Thankfully the rental is super cheap – about $16 per day at the discounted rate I got through the insurance company. It’s a Chevy Cobalt, so I’m not exactly riding in luxury, but it ought to get decent gas mileage if nothing else; my daily drive to and from work is a fairly substantial 90 miles.

Anyway, I didn’t do any hardcore gaming last night, although I did cruise the Casualties boards to see if anything of particular note was going on, and played a litte EVE while listening to the presidential debate in the background. I ran two missions (again for the Brutor Tribe,) trained a couple of skills up, and made the determination that I’m not entirely happy with missile-boat tactics in the Breacher; its power and defense seem less adequate than the alternative, and it’s awfully hard, with my current skill base, to maintain the types of ranges I would like to be fighting at against wings of half a dozen adversaries. One of the missions I flew forced me to bail out for repairs midway, and although I completed it well ahead of the bonus deadline, I think it’d have been easier in a Rifter.

I put in a buy order for one of those, at a nice discount against the insystem market, but at a slightly higher buy price than anyone else was buying for. If it pans out, and I expect it to – Rens is a fairly high-traffic system, and lots of stuff gets dumped there – it’ll be a nice deal that I will be happy with. If not, I can afford the ~220K ISK it’ll cost for a new one. I already have a name picked out – Temptation’s Anvil.

I ran up against the 5 order limit from having no Trade skill, but a fix for that is in the works as well – I picked up a few more skills that’ll round me out a bit more, including a few of the Social skills. One of the nicer things about the character I made in my last try at EVE was the trading buildout that I started the game with – it wasn’t any more points than anything else, and I was behind in combat skills, but some of the skills I started the game with – the Social and Trade ones in particular – are nastily expensive on the open market. But with Gus I’m able to hop right into competent mission-running, and that right now is worth the extra long-term cost of buying some pricey skills.

One thing I have not yet touched, and don’t intend to soon, is mining. It’s a great way to make money, especially once you can correctly outfit a cruiser for doing it, and I will assuredly dabble in it eventually (I intend to get into both refining and manufacturing, using a base in Heimatar to make goods for sale in Molden Heath,) but right now my skills are wholly inadequate for it and I intend to continue missioning as my bread and butter means of gathering capital for the time being. This ought to develop in such a way that I will get into cruisers at approximately the time the level 2 missions open up – and I’ve never done a level 2 mission (although I partnered with a buddy on one once and got blowed up good.) I’m also working toward Salvaging, which greatly increases the money-making potential of missions but about triples the amount of time it takes to run them. I’m in no particular hurry on that count – I did really well with the two missions I ran last night, netting close to 300K without Salvaging a thing.

One thing I’m endeavoring to do in this pass at EVE is to not bury myself in the game; I want to play it steadily but casually this time around, and for a change my schedule should accommodate an hour or two in-game a day fairly easily right now, giving me the time to continue playing WAR (which I plan to do tonight,) as well as the real-life things that regularly come up.

5 responses to “A Casual Approach

  1. You know, I really am learning to spread my time around recently.
    I have been playing AoC, but also Mass Effect and another game called Viking on the 360.
    As well, EQ2’s new update includes a fix for performance which could send my FPS through the roof, and of course make me QUITE happy, so I may need to also go back there.
    With Winter coming, it sure is a good time to game, but spread the love is what I say…hehe


  2. I have to admire your ability to play different games at the same time. EVE takes up all of my gaming time, I can’t seem to try anything new at all 😛

  3. I actually have a hard time doing it too. I am frequently subscribed to two games at once (but never three, unless you count the StationPass titles,) but in practice I end up mostly or completely confining my play to only one game. Being hot on something fresh (EVE) while still staying hot on the previous hot title (WAR) is something I try to do but usually fail at.

  4. Im getting sooo tempted to give eve another try reading your blog 🙂
    But tehres so many games to play id agree with the games thing i normally have station access going and 1 other game which at the mo is war but am tempted by eve..btw i did login to eq2 last nite and got quite a few more frames with the new update everything seemed a lot smoother :)..The only disapointment with war is how little order win ..i mean last nite playe d5 scenarios with my ironbreaker and won 1 and then 4 with my wh and won none…bit depressing 😦

  5. I docked my hauler in Rens today (sold all my loot from 2 mission I ran this morning and got over 30 million for it. ATB’s from Angels, and Melted Capacitor Consoles from Blood Raiders — gotta love it!) and bought a little condor upon which I fit a cloak, an MWD, a sensor damp, and a warp cor stabilizer, and then madea run down to the EVE Gate. I decided it was time to be a tourist. And let me just say — screenshots do it no justice whatsoever.

    Still, I’ll be running back to Rens in the morning. I would say I’m gonna kick around there tonight. Heck, I’d be willing to bring my BS back to Frarn and run a level 4 for Brutor with you tagging along, if you’d like. . . but I won’t be on tonight. The GF likes it when I spend time with her, after all. I hope you enjoy your time doing whatever you do tonight.

    And FYI, the xp increase in EQ2 that they put in the other day in insane. I got more than a complete level on my mystic in everfrost today in less than an hour, and it was nearly all kill xp from killing just what was required for 5 quests. I’m going to have to lock xp if I want to keep my aa anywhere close to on par.

    Take that FWIW if you decide to give EQ2 a try again.

    And a tip — get a destroyer and make it a dedicated salvage boat. This makes salvaging go much faster. I’d say in most cases it only adds about 25% or less to your missioning time, as opposed to going to each wreck and salvaging as you go in a mission. It’s so effective that I use a Hurricane battlecruiser as my salvager 😉 I know… long way off for you to get there, but you could be in a Thrasher in no time at all.