An Evening Spent Unexpectedly

It figures that the day I decide to pop back into Warhammer Online after a few days off is the day that the servers are down. Ah, well… not like I don’t have another iron in the fire right now.

It occurred to me yesterday that I’d actually forgotten to plug in my implants. Whoops. But no big deal, as when I logged in after work I had just enough training time left to round up a full set of attribute boosting-implants, and then got to plug them all in at once, along with the projectile turret damage boosting implant I’d gotten from the post-tutorial mission chain. So at this point my stats are about as high as would be reasonable to expect given the character’s age – about five days.

I intentionally chose a fairly balanced attribute spread during character creation – there wasn’t any particular area of the game I wanted to be crippled in – and narrowly specialized characters in EVE are the province of alternate accounts as far as I’m concerned, and that’s something I’m not interested in. Between the latter stages of character creation and my selection of Learning skills (I have all of the level 1s now,) my stats became less regular, but that’s okay – I can count on a score of about 9 in any stat.

I also had my first ‘stop and gawk’ moment since coming back. The second of today’s screenshots is from that moment. The first shows off Temptation’s Anvil; it’s the closest screenshot I have ever taken in the game, and works really well, I think, showing off the detail of the model and the improvements that came with Trinity.

Overall, I made a great deal of progress yesterday – I picked up about a dozen new skills, mostly sub-50K ISK staples that I didn’t start the game with, but a couple of midrange combat skills as well. Gus will probably crest a million skill points some time today. I also ran enough missions to keep my overall bankroll steady at around a million ISK. I’m taking a more frugal approach to selling stuff this time around, doing a lot less dumping at whatever price stuff’s going for on-station and putting it out on a buy order instead. This is a good habit to get into – a hundred ISK here and there adds up, and sometimes the margin is well above that. My Trade skills don’t really give me all that much flexibility at this point, but it’s something else to work toward.

One mission I flew had me hunting down a defector that was supposedly selling secrets to pirates, but when I got to his clandestine rendezvous in Deadspace, I found Amarr Navy Frigates waiting for me instead. Selling Matari secrets to the hated Amarr is unforgivable! Naturally, I sent them off to a meeting with their God swiftly and effectively, and collected a stack of Amarr Navy Midshipman tags for my trouble. I’m not sure what I’ll do with these, but I’ve been told to hang onto them. It was a memorable mission that I had not seen before – I’m not sure whether it was a newer one or not.

It occurs to me that it’d be a totally valid choice to stick with Frigates for a while instead of rushing into cruisers; a pilot who takes the time to learn the skills to be a great frigate pilot will be a better Cruiser or Battlecruiser pilot for it. It’s not like there isn’t plenty of variety and room to move upward at the frigate level – building a platform that enables competence in Interceptors and Assault and Covert Ops Ships is a great way to establish a lot of the basics needed to effectively fly the larger ship classes. To that end, I’ve decided to build out some basic stuff and then start moving gradually toward the Minmatar Assult Ship – the Wolf. This is a highly effective ship that is based off the Rifter model; I have the impression that it’s a valid selection for flying level 2 missions.

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One response to “An Evening Spent Unexpectedly

  1. The tags are for use in the LP store. As you continue to work for 1 NPC corp (in your case Brutor tribe) you accrue LP’s as part of your mission payout. Once you’ve accrued enough LP’s and those tags you picked up, you can turn them in at the LP store for Republic Fleet faction modules (or even ships, if you save enough — Fleet Issue Tempest anyone?)

    The wolf is an excellent choice for running level 2’s. It’s got a great tank for a frig, plus with the additional gun slots you do plenty of damage, so all the frigs and the occasional cruiser you see in the level 2’s will pop pretty quickly.

    I’ll admit I used a destroyer for my level 1’s and 2, but an AF is more powerful than a dessie any day of the week. Better tank, comparable damage. Good stuff!

    I have been playing about 6 months now and just got in my 1st AF the other day. I’ve mostly trained as a missile spewer, though, so my gun skills are what I’m working on now. Should have them “okay-ish” for my Harpy in about a week. Looking forward to it — I got killed in 0.3 by a Jaguar (the other Matari AF besides the Wolf) and I’d like to eventually find that guy wih my Harpy and see if I can’t get a little payback. . . .