A Break With Warhammer

Over the Weekend, Altdorf fell on the Averheim server, for real this time, to another late-night ninja. Mark Jacobs’ comments on the matter are mostly fair, but not enough to save a game that appears increasingly fragile. I shall keep my ear to the ground, and will probably return at some point, but I shan’t be playing after the 30 retail days are over. Consider my subscription cancelled.

One thing I do take issue with is the “yeah, well, how would you do it better?” tone in Jacobs’ post. Sorry, Mark – that’s your job. My role is to pony up $15 a month. Yours is to give us a good, playable, functional game that holds up for more than the first three weeks of release, and if the final product is lacking in one or more of those departments, it’s not my problem. Nor is it my job to be loyal to your game – your job is to make me loyal by giving me a game I can stick with.

There are plenty of good games out there to play – I will be happy to spend my money on somebody else’s product. I’m sure I will be back in a few months to see how it’s doing, but for now WAR appear to me to need some maturation time. And yet, WAR’s design is such that giving it that time may actually hurt more than it helps.

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  1. Uh…ouch…
    WoW, for a game that had such a huge following with die hard fanboys causing grief across the blogosphere, the chinks in the armor have finally appeared.
    I feel it is an ok game, but we must relegate ourselves to the fact that all MMO’s since Vanguard have been massively broken.
    LOTRO, Tabula Rasa, Dark and Light, AoC.
    No one is taking the time, as they are trying to do TOO much out of the gate and of course trying to be too much like the God of MMO’s
    This genre took a hit this year, and 2009 looks no better.
    Maybe everyone needs to take a break from developing these?

  2. I hate to hear that the game is having issues. Even more, I hate that the shine has worn off for you because I know how excited you were about the game.

    Despite the semi-hard line I took towards it, I really wanted the game to be massively successful. And it still might be. Like you, however, I find the comments that Mark Jacobs keep making to be as much a problem with the game as any issues that the game might be having. Putting his back up and lancing accusations around about, “Why don’t you like my game” has all of the hallmarks of a pre-school temper tantrum.

  3. As I have been insisting for months, anyone who thought this game was going to launch flawlessly was delusional. MMOs are immensely complicated software and this is just unrealistic. There are good launches and bad launches, of course, and this was a pretty good one, but there are still some underlying issues that need to be addressed for WAR to really move forward – and to get the million-plus subscribers that Mythic wants it to have and which it could still get.

    It is a very good game, one of the better entries on the market overall, and for my money superior to WoW. But there are significant balance issues that soured me on it just as my subscription came up for renewal. Hopefully they’ll get worked out and my next round with the game will be more gratifying.

  4. I’m not a War fanboy but i still think people are harsh on this subject. Why do the fall of one city among all the servers give such a buzz on all the blogsphere. For me this is a big chalenge to take as an order player, let’s bash them instead of crying 🙂

  5. Well, in fairness, the stuff in this post today is only a part of the reason I’m unsubscribing. I’m doing that, ultimately, because I don’t want to play WAR right now, as I said last week. I would like to stick with it for a number of reasons, but lack of desire to play can’t overcome any of them.

    This is not ‘the last straw’ or anything like that – it is merely discouraging and cause for concern. But that this hit on the weekend I was hoping to use to rekindle my desire to play WAR did not help.

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