A Return to New Eden

The other major bit of Ardwulf news out of the weekend is that I resubscribed to EVE Online. It appears my stay in New Eden will be lengthier than I’d planned. It occurred to me, though, that most or all of what I was working toward was stuff I’d already achieved in my first crack at that game, and that it would therefore be kind of silly to convert the trial I’ve been playing on to a real account. So I reactivated my original account instead.

Gahar, my original character, had neither the money nor the skill points I’d remembered him as having, both having somehow inflated in my mind over months of inactivity – I came in to a character with a little over 4 million skill points and just under 2 million ISK. Nevertheless, a 4.1 million skill point character is a lot farther along than a 950K skill point character, and I did indeed already have access to salvaging, tractor beams and, after about an hour of skill training, Microwarp Drives. He was also at 0.97 standing with the Brutor Tribe, unlike my trial character who after a week was at… 0.47 or so. So he is literally on the very cusp of Level 2 missions.

And despite liquid assets being somewhat short of what I’d remembered they were, he did have a Burst, a Rifter, a Stabber, a couple of shuttles and a Hoarder (the Tier 2 Minmatar Industrial,) all fully fitted, and not with the cheapest off-the-shelf gear, either. This amounts to probably something like 10 million ISK in total assets, which is really quite a lot. In addition, as I said, 4 times the skill points goes rather a long way – this character can mine, manufacture, refine and run missions smoothly, and he has a pretty good start on Trade and Social skills, and even a couple of the Advanced Learning skills. Despite not having all that many skill points in total, he’s several weeks ahead of where my trial character was. No implants, though – I’d gotten podded fairly early on and never replaced them.

So I got to work on skills, set up market orders for implants, and ran a mission for the Brutor Tribe, which alone netted me a couple of million ISK in profit after all was said and done. I actually ran it in my Rifter and turned it in, then kitted out the Stabber for salvage and went back and got all the wrecks – and there were quite a few of them. Ideally I would be using a Destroyer for this, but although I have the skill to fly one I didn’t have the first rank in it yet, nor the ship itself. Pity I can’t transfer the 3.5 million ISK from the trial account, but that’s okay – I’m done there. EVE has demonstrated over the last week that it’s what I want to be playing right now.

My goal for the next week or two is to get enough cash to acquire two ships – a Scythe for mining, and secondly a Rupture for running level 2 missions, which I am about ready to start doing. The skill base isn’t quite where I want it, and I do want to move into Assault ships soon, but I probably have sufficient skills to run them in a Cruiser now. I admit to being curious as to how difficult they’ll be.

I had started, even on the trial account, fiddling with trading. Conceptually, I find the idea very appealing, but the most obvious approach to it – buying stuff for a low price in one system, then hauling it somewhere where it can be sold at a profit – is numbingly dull, and hard to make much money at unless you manage to find a route which offers a good exchange and which you can traverse in relative safety. I’d tried this (it was what I’d originally bought an Industrial to do) and did not care for it as an activity – it’s boring like mining but requires more micromanagement unless you’re okay with using the autopilot a lot. Using the autopilot in an Industrial sucks.

The more common approach to trading in EVE is market trading, done by placing buy orders for stuff on the cheap and sell orders for whatever the market will bear. Without the skills to support this one’s ability to do it is very limited, and the skills it takes to be really good at it are fairly expensive. But I have enough that I can begin to play around a bit, and so far it’s been both profitable and kind of fun.

Not that I’ve made a gigantic amount of money – about a million ISK on the trial account, and much less than that so far on Gahar. But it requires very little management at this level – I can check my open orders between missions or in off hours, and make some nice scratch on the side. It’s an aspect of EVE I may not ever become really good at, but am happy to dabble in, and had been interested in from very early on but hadn’t known how to get started.

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2 responses to “A Return to New Eden

  1. Hey Ardwulf,

    Glad you’ve decided Eve’s the place for you. I do love it in New Eden. Sounds like you have a pretty good plan of what you want to do. Personally, I’d say there’s no really need to go for assault frigates. The Wolf and Jag are cool little ships but you need tech II gear to make them worth flying whilst you can have a Rupture ready for level 2 missions in pretty short order.

  2. But Wnesley — he’s doing it for FUN!

    And since you can get Tech 2 guns in half the time it takes to get Frig 5, not to mention the 2 other pre-reqs at 5 for the AF’s, it’s not like the T2 fittings are a problem. I just got into my 1st AF after 6 months of playing, and I’m having a blast in it.

    Of course, my gun skils absolutely blow, so my dps is really low, but I can T2 fit the tank and PvP fittings on it (I did at least train THOSE while being a missile spamming Caldari mission runner 😛 ) And I’m less than 3 days away from T2 guns for it now, so dps will improve considerably then. Even with my crap dps, it’s still fun to rat out the belts in lowsec with it.

    And of course, once I get the T2 hybrids, then 8.5 days later I can be in the Gallente drone AF….. I can already field T2 lights, so its dps will be pretty good from the start using those, plus adding in the T2 guns will be nice too. Looking forward to it.

    Ardwulf, something I just decided to give a go at is buying up items that reprocessing will yield some zydrine and/or megacyte and I’ll simply sell the minerals after — see if I can’t make a profit that way to supplement my mission running. That might work for you to, as opposed to “let’s see what I can buy cheap and sell higher.” I’ve tried that route too, and I don’t have the patience for the market research it would require. But cheap (and common) looted modules that reprocess into good minerals… that seems easier to find, so … I’m trying it. Should be fun to see if it works out over the next few weeks. I’ve only put about 6 million into it so far to test. If it works, I might have to move back to Rens for a while for the bigger market.

    Fly safe, and hope to see you in game sometime.