Taking Warhammer Day By Day

The excellent Dragonchasers blog has misinterpreted the reasons for my intention of leaving Warhammer, which is admittedly probably easy to do if you haven’t read the posts from late last week. Nevertheless, I feel inclined to clarify.

I am not leaving because Altdorf fell to a 7AM ninja assault, although that is discouraging, highlights structural problems with RvR, and makes the achievement look rather cheap. I’m leaving because nothing was going on at my level when I was online except for scenario grinding, and I’d gotten bored with that. I really want to stay, but I will not pay for a game I’m not playing, and I just don’t want to play it anymore.

However. My subscription doesn’t run out until Saturday. It’s already cancelled, but there’s nothing that says I can’t re-up on Friday. But for that to happen I have to find the fun in Warhammer again. It was certainly fun for the first month (I’m counting Open Beta here,) but it wasn’t fun for the last week.

So here’s what I’m willing to do. I will play some WAR when I get home tonight. I will try to get in on some Public Quests, and will queue up for some scenarios other than those I have already tired of. I will try to have fun. If after a few hours I feel like I want to play some more, I will play again on Tuesday. And so on. If at the end of the week I still want to play, I will resubscribe.

Warhammer has to sell me on itself again. It that fair of me to ask? Absolutely. It’s my money, and it’s 100% reasonable for to expect that any subscription title continually prove itself to each and every customer. MMOs are not static constructs – they change over time, sometimes remarkably short periods of time, and so do my own desires in how I want to spend my limited in-game time.

I do not promise to resubscribe. I will promise to try, one more time, to want to continue paying for it, and to give the game another chance. Bluntly, if it weren’t for Casualties, I would not bother. Either way, I’ll report back tomorrow.

4 responses to “Taking Warhammer Day By Day

  1. I have had issues with this blogger myself…his focus seems too narrow. He argued over a single word with me before…(semantics)
    This is just like Zubon did at KillTen and his post on quitting due to gold spam.
    He had a whole other list of issues, but all the “fans” focused on that single problem of his.
    WAR has many varying issues that I have read across the blogospehere, and taking someone to task because one does NOT fit their feeling on that games success seems ridiculous.
    Let me ask you this..did the game grow tiring to you, and do you feel giving it more time WILL succeed?
    Maybe do what I did and instead give it “lots” of time. Take a month or two off…or 4 (which I did for AoC)
    You may be surprised at what you find when you come back (I was pleased as punch myself)

    Cheers mate…

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  3. I also have canceled my subscription as it was fun when i first played but that fun died after 2 weeks for me. I ended up logging in to Everquest 2 and crafting and felt like i was having more fun, (Which is rather sad)

  4. Id have to admit im not resubbing..mine runs till 25/10 and i know by then i will be bored..i enjoyed it at the start but way to grindy now and i really dont want to play 6 scenarios and lose all 6 in a row ..i mean in 4 of them we never even got above 50 points :(.Im prob gonna play fallout 3 and go back to lotro a bit as i have a lifetime sub and can dip in and out..i will prob resub back to war but in a couple of months..as for the fanboys well u get them in every game and the war ones are no less tunnel visioned than the aoc ones…