Sticking With EVE and WAR (For Now)

I played Warhammer for a little over an hour last night, for the first time in about a week and a half. If nothing else, it was interesting, and yes, it was fun. When I logged in I found that Destruction was mounting another attempt against Averheim; Reikland was about to fall, and fall it did, but its defenders bought Order enough time to assemble a meaningful defense in Reikwald. And it held. Mystic Worlds has some of the details HERE.

A successful defense resets the entire campaign map, so the Destruction effort stopped dead right there. I myself contributed very little to this, being level 21 and all (although I did hit renown rank 19,) but the assembled Order forces moved immediately into Praag and managed to take the keep there.

I had not seen Praag before last night, but I have to say that it’s both extremely cool and very large – I would love to do world RvR with a lot of people on this map. World RvR is, for me, the most fun part of WAR, as I suspect was intended by the designers. The problem has generally been finding world RvR when I’m online.

I also managed two rounds in scenarios (Talabec Dam for the first time, which I enjoyed very much, and another round of Tor Anroc, which is to my mind the weakest scenario in Tiers 1-3,) but PQs at the bottom of Tier 3 were dead in the Empire lands. Overall, I was happy enough with the results of the evening.

I reserve the right to change my mind later in the week, but as of right now I plan to renew my Warhammer subscription for one more month. But after that, I am very probably taking a break. The reason is that pre-orders for The Shadow Odyssey, the fifth and latest expansion for EverQuest II, began today. It’s slated for release on November 18th, which works out just about perfectly for me – it’ll be the date my WAR subscription expires. I have been itching to get back to EQ2 for a bit now, and definitely plan to return with the expansion for at least a month. I will likely go with a digital preorder this time – I bought the Echoes of Faydwer retail box and Rise of Kunark came out just at around the time I was getting seriously into the game, so I bought it at retail as well. More boxes = more clutter, and I don’t need any more of that.

In EVE, I did not feel like I had enough time to run any missions, but I did tweak my market orders (currently sitting on 5.5 million ISK in cash,) trained a couple of very short-term skills, and began setting up a skill training plan in EVEMon. This latter is in the very preliminary stages at this point. One or two more successful missions or a single additional rank in Connections should get my standings high enough to run level 2s, which I do not feel I am quite ready for, skill-wise – but I’m close; I already have Minmatar Cruiser at a respectable 3 (high enough to fly any Matari cruiser,) and the Medium Projectile skill at 4. I do need the Medium Projectile Specialization skill, though, and I definitely want to bump a couple of other things up a bit. My basic Electronics, Engineering and Mechanics skill are pretty strong; the latter is at a day or two away from 5 and the others are already there. The money is probably a bigger impediment to running level 2 missions right now, since buying a Rupture, even at a discount, would pretty much wipe me out unless I sell my Stabber, which I am disinclined to do right at this moment. And remember that I also want to buy a Scythe for mining.)

It is at any rate my very firm intention to stick it out with EVE this time around, regardless of whatever else I may be playing. Such intentions have gone out the window before, with various games, but the structure of EVE is unique in allowing one to take time off for whatever reason while still allowing for progress. This becomes even more practical with a decent spread of Trade skills, whereby you can still earn money with minimal playtime in addition to advancing skills. Those skills thus become a fairly high priority for me.

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5 responses to “Sticking With EVE and WAR (For Now)

  1. I know nothing about the next EQ2 expansion. High level only I take it? Have Kunark, but lack of players and a guild that DOES ANYTHING led me to leave once more.

  2. I don’t think it’s quite clear what TSO will contain for players below 70 just yet. The new acheivement trees and mounts are something at least – but I don’t expect anything like what RoK did for starting characters.

  3. The problem I always had with EQ2 was that levels 1-20 were great and directed, and a lot of fun… and then it fizzled from 21-50 or so in terms of cohesion.

    I never could get over that hump into the first expansion’s territory to enjoy it again.

    Glad you’re sticking with WAR for now. A note for when you take your leave next month, CoW kicks members after 28 days inactive, just to keep the roster clean and concise. No worries, it doesn’t mean you’re entirely booted — just until you come back and ask for an invite again. πŸ™‚

  4. FYI, as of today EVE will no longer allow training to progress without an active subscription. The EVE boards are all aflame with that news.

    I’ve pre-ordered TSO for EQ2 also. I’ve already got 3 toons at 80 that I more or less don’t log in anymore since I’ve “done everything” so far as the dungeons and gear upgrades I want for them go that I can do without raiding, and I don’t want to quest just for AA, so the new content for them plus new AA’s will be fun, I think.

    Plus it lets me level up my lower toons. With the recent XP changes I’m locking the lower toons xp, though. I think they reduced the xp requirements for the 20-70 range WAY too much.

    Good seeing you in EVE tonight. Sorry I hadda log without being able to take you along on a level 2 to bump your standings. My GF’s got plans tonight, so I’ll be able to stay on longer. If you want to run a couple of 2’s, I’d be happy to tank ’em for you. I can run up to 4’s for Brutor or the Republic Fleet, so any level you want to do, really.