Small Progress

I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished in either game last night, except to manage some skills and orders in EVE and run a couple of scenarios in WAR. I’m still sitting at 21/19 in the latter, as I inch closer to excluding myself from Tier 2 activities. The leveling crest of CoW players have passed me, with the bulk of players on Averheim now firmly in Tier 3. I’m not far behind, especially considering that I took well over a week off, but it makes me want to catch up.

In Tier 3, scenarios are popping like mad, and not just Tor Anroc – last night I got into the Lost Temple of Isha and Doomfist Crater as well, although I think that Talabec Dam is still my favorite, of those I’ve played. I got a little frustrated by the fact that for Destruction, blocking Line of Sight does not appear in all cases to block offensive spells, whereas it always does for me. Why do so many of the bugs in the game favor Destruction? At any rate, in addition to the recently-added ability to queue up for any Tier-appropriate scenario from any Tiered zone, you can now queue up for all of them with a single click. To my way of thinking this should reduce the problem of cherry-picking scenarios, where only the most favored one pops.

I am on the verge of abandoning world RvR until rank 32 and Tier 4, not because it isn’t fun (it is, even as a nominally Tier 2 character operating in T4,) but because advancement in that kind of situation is mercilessly slow, even with the new practice of granting XP for capturing world RvR objectives. Until level 32 my time is better spent leveling elsewhere, whether that’s in the open world or doing scenarios. That will be my focus on Einfeuer tonight. But I may spend some time on an alt instead, probably my Ironbreaker or Rune Priest, both of whom are currently sitting around level 4-5. I’ll be curious to see how active things are back in Tier 1. I may even try my hand at Destruction again, with a created but unplayed Chosen that I’ve been sitting on since launch.

At any rate, I seem to have gotten some of the WAR spark back, and that’s enough to keep me around for another month. No promises, but I plan on working forward into Tier 4, which should easily be doable within 30 days.

In EVE, I managed some training and market orders last night, but that’s about it – if I get the chance to play tomorrow (which is my plan,) I will likely make a couple of short trading runs and maybe run a few top-end Level 1 missions, which should top out my standings and set me up for Level 2 – and hopefully the profits therefrom will set me up to buy the two cruisers I want.

2 responses to “Small Progress

  1. Yep was very noticeable last nite with axes being thrown through walls lol..after playing last nite with my wh(18) and my ironb(9) realised nobodyw as roleld a warrior priest alt ..have to say that the most fun ive had since the early wh lvls..i only healed and meleed when in danger but we won 4/5 which was wierd.Healing is one thing that we seem to lack compared with dest and they seem to play more as a team than order..but may even resub as the warrior priest is a lot of fun as a healer 🙂