Bigger Progress

Tuesday night saw me playing two MMOs and accomplishing little in either; Wednesday night saw significant progress in both.

Arriving at home, I first tried to log into WAR. No luck – the servers were down again. This is pretty off-putting when it happens multiple times during what is, for me, prime play hours. So I hopped into EVE and did some low-maintenance stuff while checking the Mythic webpage to find out what the status was on the servers. When I finally got that to load, it looked like they’d be down for several more hours.

Oh, well… Mythic’s loss. So I started running some missions, eventually hitting a storyline mission which turned out to be rather long and quite profitable thanks to the large number of wrecks I was able to salvage. Between that, about three missions run previously, and a rank in Connections I was able to get my Brutor Tribe standing up to 1.77, which is more than enough to start running level 2 missions. The profits therefrom and from the preceding missions amounted to close to 3 million ISK (the great bulk of which came from the storyline mission,) so I put in a buy order for a Scythe, the Minmatar mining Cruiser. We’ll see if that flips over by tonight; if so I will move part of my operation to Osaumuni, where I can set up mining and manufacturing – I already have a couple of BPOs that I can start with, although some of the needed minerals aren’t found in high-sec and I’ll need to buy them on the open market.

Gahar was created originally as a mining character, and I had spent some effort on improving him in that area, so his skills, while not spectacular, are more than robust enough to get me moving. My eventual base for this operation will be Teonusude in Molden Heath, which is predominantly a low-sec region (although Teonusude itself is 0.6,) and so should, to my way of thinking, offer higher prices for certain goods – the kind that people need to buy when their last ship got blown up – and hopefully lower prices for some of the low-sec minerals I’ll need for manufacturing. Osaumuni has pretty good access (3 jumps) to this area and boasts a large number of belts (17.)

I now have level 2 agents available from the Brutor Tribe, including one in Rens. I could technically run these now with the Stabber that I am using for salvaging, but I would rather run them in the much more rugged Rupture, so I will probably be selling this ship and buying a Destroyer to salvage with instead. The proceeds from the sale should be enough to let me comfortably buy the Rupture, the Destroyer and at least one Tractor Beam, which I already have the skill to use.

As of last night, I am sitting on about 5.9 million ISK, which is technically enough for a Rupture as long as I’m able to get a buy order to fire at a lower price, but I wouldn’t have enough left over to insure it, which is flatly unacceptable. I do have a considerable number of sell orders out, and I’m hoping that some of those will turn over by tonight – I have a nice little market war going on with somebody over a sensor unit that normally sells for 60K, but I picked up a dozen or so for around 5K. I also trained a few more short-term skills and am now less than two hours away from Mechanics 5, which I’ll need for Assault Ships. All in all, I feel like I made a ton of progress in the three or so hours I played.

I was surprised to find a loyalty point tab that listed all of my LPs with different factions on the Journal window. This is something I had not noticed before – and I was a little surprised to see that I had that many loyalty points with factions other than the Brutor Tribe.

Well before I finished up in EVE (I wanted to run the storyline mission and sell all the wreck and salvage loot,) I was informed over Vent that the servers for WAR had come back up. So after finishing up I headed over there.

Upon arrival I began running Tier 3 scenarios. I cannot say that this was not frustrating, but I performed acceptably most of the time, especially considering that I was often the lowest-level character in the scenario. I also ran Black Fire Basin for the first time; this makes High Pass Cemetery the only Tier 3 scenario I haven’t seen yet. Doomfist Crater and Tor Anroc seem to fire the quickest, of the six, with Talabec Dam not far behind.

I think Mythic needs to make some tweaks to the Murderball and Capture the Flag scenarios; the former play the fastest, with the most XP gain, whereas the CTFs often end when the timer runs out, with no flags being captured. Nevertheless, I did pretty respectably in Black Fire Basin, a CTF scenario, and it is probably my favorite map of all the scenarios I’ve seen. The scenarios do indeed become more sophisticated as you move up in Tier – I can’t wait to see Battle for Praag, although I suspect that it (and world RvR fighting in Praag) will not favor ranged DPS classes like mine. At least, not Order ranged DPS – lack of line-of-sight does not seem to often hinder destruction.

I should also say that when they start getting into Tier 3, the Destruction characters start looking really exceptionally cool. Much more so than the Order characters, although on Averheim the Destruction players are pushing forward harder than Order, so within the Tier the average Destro is higher than the average Order. This was itself the cause of some frustration; one run at Talabec Dam saw seven Destruction, none of whom were under 25th level, facing 3 Order, all of whom were 22 or below. An ass-whipping of similar magnitude I have seldom seen.

During the process, however, I did hit the long-awaited level 22, so I am now officially and permanently (on this character,) in Tier 3. But the Bright Wizard doesn’t get a new ability at 22! Thus I await the upper end of the Tier where I’ll get some nice AoE abilities and, finally, a knockback. All told, I had enough fun to keep playing according to my current day-by-day rule.

As has been pointed out in the comments to recent posts, it’s hard for many people to juggle two MMOs at once. I myself have never successfully managed it, not only because of time, but because there is typically only room for one game in my limited supply of enthusiasm. So this is kind of an experiment, however temporary. I will be as curious as anybody so see how well it’s worked out. But yesterday, at least, it worked out pretty well.

One response to “Bigger Progress

  1. I offered to let you loot/salvage a level 4. . .too bad you were just logging for WAR instead. 😉

    Teon’s a great system to set up shop in — from what I can tell it’s the “market hub” of Molden Heath, though I’ll admit that’s not saying much. But if you set up shop there then that may help establish it even more.

    Gratz on the 22 in WAR too!