A New EVE Expansion On the Way

Amid the Warhammer news I’d be remiss in failing to point out that the latest expansion to EVE Online has been announced. It’s called Quantum Rise, will be free like all EVE expansions, and will focus on the industrial side of the game. I don’t consider what we know about it now to be specific enough to warrant additional comment at this time, save to note that it will not include the long-awaited Ambulation. I expect good things to come of it.

Expect commentary as details start to materialize.


One response to “A New EVE Expansion On the Way

  1. I listened in on the Live Dev Blog about the certificates the other day. In it they stated that certs and medals will be visible on the “Ambulation Avatar” so from that it did sound like the ambulation’s relatively close anymore. I can’t help but wonder if it will simply be added in “when it’s ready” as opposed to being part of (or a primary purpose of) an expansion.

    Time will tell, I suppose.