A New Ship For A New Beginning

I did not spend much time in EVE last night, but I made a lot of progress nonetheless, coming into to a nearly clean slate of market orders (almost everything has popped) and close to 8 million ISK, more than I’d even hoped for. Looks like I won that market war over the sensor units.

My buy order for the Scythe fired as well, and a shiny one was waiting for me in my hangar. I’m currently outfitting her – I need the Mining Upgrades skill, which I’m still training, to fit a Mining Laser Upgrade. She’s already fitted with 3 Tech II Mining Lasers and a pair of Expanded Cargoholds. When all is said and done she ought to be a sweet little mining ship. I have named her Resurgent Enterprise.

I also put in a market order for a Destroyer, which will become my salvaging ship for missions. If I get to spend time online tonight, I’ll repackage and sell my Stabber, and start moving stuff in preparation for commencing industry. Depending on how well this works out, I may start to push harder at Industry skills – my Refining in particular needs to get to 5 (it’s about 6 hours away right now) so I can buy the Refining Efficiency skill. These two should put me over the edge where it’s more pofitable to sell minerals than raw ore – but then, I need to run those numbers again anyway, to see where I am with that.

I came this close to forming a corporation last night, and frankly if I had a cool name in mind while I was fooling with that interface, I probably would have pulled the trigger. There are benefits to doing this even for the single player – the ability to segregate your money into wallets for various purposes, for example – and I have the skills to do it. But I held off; the investment required is non-trivial, and if I were to form a corporation I’d want to do it right – and that would mean recruiting other folks and not being the shakey leg myself – and with my current skill base, finances and knowledge of the game, I would be unless I recruited exclusively from even noobier people than myself. A corp is something that I will definitely need to start looking at in the weels ahead, but I want to make sure I’ll be sticking with the game first. And I’d like to get to 5 million Skill Points first as well, which opens up many opportunities.

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3 responses to “A New Ship For A New Beginning

  1. I am very interested in hearing how the Industry development goes! I am planning to jump into EVE next month and start training learning skills while I check out Mines of Moria. When I then turn to EVE, I hope to pursue a fair bit of industrial play. It is very helpful (and inspiring) to hear how you are navigating in EVE.

    I will also likely be doing the two MMO thing long with LOTRO, and appreciate your insights and experience at managing this prospect. It seems like EVE works fairly well as one component of a stable 2 MMO molecule!

  2. I got my T2 blasters and rails for my frigs now, but if I want to use the decent T2 ammo it’s an arm and a leg, so I’m starting to look into manufacturing so that I can start building my own ammo. Thing is I’ve not looked into that at all as of yet, so I have no idea what I need to do…. time to go researching . . .

    Did you have a system in mind for mining with that Scythe? Teon’s actually got about a bazillion belts and is 0.6, so the rats are just frigs that do about 2 dps is all, so if you have a couple of drones you can take them out easily while you mine.

  3. I will probably do my test run in Osaumuni tonight, then move on to Teon once I’m satisfied with how the mining is going and depending what prices look like there.