Weekend Action and Inaction

I did not get to play much over the weekend, as my internet connection is down at home (again.) It should be back up in time to get some gaming in tonight, however.

I did do some work in EVE from a remote site last night, training the last rank in Mechanics and the first in Mining Upgrades, and getting a bit of market stuff done. My Stabber sold almost instantly, so my bankroll is now well over 8 million ISK. My order for a Destroyer fired over the weekend. I have named her Turbulent Scavenger, and have her outfitted with four Salavgers, two Tractor Beams, two Basic Expanded Cargoholds and a couple of guns. I may tweak this after trying it a couple of times, but Tractor Beams are pretty damn expensive – upwards of 900K – where I’m at.

And the Scythe is pretty much as fitted as she’s going to be for the time being – I don’t have enough CPU to fit a Mining Laser Upgrade quite yet – I’m working on that, though. Pending things happening as I hope they will re: my internet connection, I may take her out mining tonight, doing at least a dry run to gauge the profitability of various methods.

I also ran a few scenarios in WAR Saturday night, and reached Renown Rank 20. I’m still rank 22, though. It does occur to me that of my ten character slots on Averheim, 9 of them are already filled, and seven of these are used by characters that I have actually spent time playing. Granted, none of them are especially advanced (they’re all rank 6 or lower,) but I’ve at least tried to spread some love around. The only High Elf character I’ve played (post-Beta, of course) is the Swordmaster, to all of level 2.

In contrast, over on Thorgrim, I have six characters, have played one (my Black Orc) to level 8, one to level 6 (my Chosen) and two (a Witch Elf and Zealot) to 4. The other two I haven’t touched, although I plan to get to the Marauder eventually. I’m finding that I don’t much care for the Dark Elves at all – not that they’re not as fun as anything else, I’m just not high on the aesthetic. In fact, it’s not just the Dark Elves – I will probably abandon Elves entirely on both sides, especially with the Knight of the Blazing Sun coming fairly soon. This eliminates any desire I had to play the Swordmaster. It’s a cool class, but the Ironbreaker is cooler. The Blackguard does not tempt me (whereas a second Orc class would.) The more I play of them, however, the more I like the aesthetic of the Chaos classes. So I expect that over the long haul I will end up playing a lone non-Chaos class on the Destruction side. I may even make and play a Magus, a class I tried in Beta but which seemed really weak at the lowest levels.

It is thus time to do some trimming, eliminating the Swordmaster, Witch Elf and my unplayed Shadow Warrior. I will keep my Witch Hunter for now, to reserve the name – it’s a good one that I managed to nab early. I will also make one new character, a Magus, and maybe try him a bit tonight. But at least in Tier 1, where all My Destruction characters are, it’s relatively easy to move through solo PvE content in the mid-afternoons when I have my prime playing hours. I therefore want to push harder on my Black Orc, getting him into Tier 2 where I hope I will find some solid action.

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