Newly Wealthy

My internet connectivity issue is fixed – or, I should say, I have a new provider and after a post-installation phone call everything is working fine now. Damn wireless internet, anyway – it’s nothing but a big pain in my ass. The new connection is noticably faster than the old one.

Friendly Lair reader JC was generous enough to let me tag along and salvage the wrecks from a level 4 mission yesterday afternoon. He’s rather farther along than I am, but the resulting fire sale of 100+ loot and salvage items netted me in the neighborhood of 10 million ISK, which to me is a lot of money. The proceeds from this bought me a second Advanced Learning skill (Focus – my Willpower is by far my lowest stat,) and enabled me to put a buy order in for a Rupture, which hopefully will flip over by tonight. JC also gave me a number of tips which I’m starting to implement, the handiest of which is the Station Container as a tool to keep things organized in my hangar in Rens.

I now have a fully-outfitted Scythe (Resurgent Enterprise,) Thrasher (Turbulent Scavenger.) Rifter (Fire Eagle) and Hoarder (Uncle Waldo.) I am currently working Minmatar Industrial up to 3 so I can sell the Hoarder and buy the larger-capacity and generally superior Mammoth. I also now qualify for the Assault Ships skill, but I’m in no hurry to buy that – I want to get into level 2 missions in the Rupture first, and build an emergency stash of 10 million ISK; I’m a bit below that now, but if the rest of my market orders turn over today, I should end up just above it.

Turbulent Scavenger, my newly-fitted salvaging Destroyer, performed admirably, with the sole problem being that I kept running out of cap. I will need to work on this. I would also like to note that Tractor Beams, while expensive (almost a million a pop,) are really, really cool. JC kept joking about his ship being unarmed, but that he had some drones that could cut right through a Destroyer. I never did tell him that I have a couple of guns on my salvager. Heh.

A couple of mining runs in 0.9 last night provided a decent haul in that department. Running the numbers on manufacturing though, I find that it’ll be hard to really make a ton of money, at least with my current skills and the BPOs that I have available. So I’m going to be looking into new BPOs, and moving skills which increase refining and production efficiency up on the priority list. And probably finding a system where I can run missions for the Republic Fleet. At any rate I have some more experimenting to do, running in 0.7-0.8 with tank on, drones going and mining into Giant Secure Containers.

I also installed the EVE Fitting Tool last night. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it works – it’s telling me I should be able to fit a particular Scythe loadout that ther game itself won’t let me fit.

I am now at about 4.3 million skill points and slowly inching upward. A surprising amount of that is in various Gunnery, Navigation and Missile skills – surprising considering what I started with, that is, having taken the inventor/miner’s path. Invention is something I have not fooled with very much (I even missed the post-tutorial 10-part mission series, if that was even in the game when I started,) but I plan to get into it eventually. Right now, missions and mining are more profitable. I’m curious to see how big the difficulty leap is when moving up to Level 2.

There is an EVE machinima called Clear Skies which JC reminded me about last night. I downloaded it and will be watching it when I get the chance – it runs 40 minutes and has space scenes done with EVE and personnel scenes done with Half-Life 2. It looks very intriguing, and has been much-praised. I would provide a link, but I can’t get one from here – but searching for ‘clear skies’ on Youtube will pull up a trailer that has the link to the download post on the EVE Forums.

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4 responses to “Newly Wealthy

  1. Glad to see that everything’s going so swimmingly for you. Glad to help any time, and I’ll be happy to get level 2 missions for you from the high quality agents that I can use for either Brutor or Republic Fleet to help your standings boost up faster. I can actually fly level 2’s for Sisters of EVE too, but their agents in Rens aren’t really nay good and they’re more based out in low-sec anyway.

    FWIW, level 2’s aren’t really any harder than level 1’s — more ships in them, but they tend to go pop at the same speed as in 1’s. Occasional cruisers make an appearance, but they’re not too bad in most cases. They can still be done in a well-fitted frigate, though using a cruiser is most definitely “safer.”

    Except “Recon.” If you want to fight through that, you want *at least* a well-tanked BC, if not a full on BS. Or you can actually just “do recon” and not shoot anything and blitz through asap, which is what the mission’s designed for you to do.

    That said, if you ever do draw Recon in level 2, I’ll bring my Raven to tank it for you 😉 It’s about 6 million in bounties (yes, level 4 payout size… but then, it’s level 4 difficulty for fighting too).

    Enjoy “Clear Skies” — I’ve watched it more than once and it’s funnier each time, imo.

  2. And since I can’t edit let me add:

    If you really think your puny destoryer guns would do more then cause a slight ripple in my “Salva-cane’s” shields before my Tech 2 drones ate you for lunch, well. . . I don’t know what to say. . . 😛

  3. I was thinking more that I might be able to take out a drone or two. I doubt VERY seriously that anything I could mount on a Destroyer could do more than scratch the paint on a Hurricane.

  4. Yah, you probably could take out a drone or 2, but I carry a spare (Hurricane fits 6, but I can only launch 5). . and they’re Warrior 2’s so they go pretty fast and are hard to track.

    One other thing I forgot to mention — in EFT are you using your imported character stats from your limited API, or are you using the default “All 5’s” profile? Assuming you have imported your character’s skills and are on the correct profile…. most common problem for me when things don’t work is that I don’t actually have the identical modules fit in-game as I show in EFT.