WAR Stalls Out

My Warhammer Online account expired over the weekend – it was valid when I was playing on Saturday night, but not yesterday (I didn’t play on Sunday.) It has not yet been renewed, although I intended to do that – but I hesitated last night, with credit card in hand at the account management page. I do want to stick with it, but at the same time I want to take a break. I am very much enjoying EVE Online at the moment. EVE accommodates a second game (or a life) fairly easily, but right now I’m pretty torn. I absolutely do not want to cut my ties with the Casualties of WAR, which is the best bunch of people I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of gaming with – and the guild I was in in WoW was outstanding. At the same time, my enthusiasm to play WAR right now, while not zero, is in competition with my desire to get back to City of Heroes (for which I have an unused 30-day code) for a few weeks.

I’m still thinking about it. I probably won’t get much time online tonight, so I have until Wednesday afternoon to make a decision.

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2 responses to “WAR Stalls Out

  1. WAR isn’t going anywhere. And, with the exception of SWG, 🙂 most MMO’s improve with age. You saw the Casualties of EVE thread at the CoW site, right? You can play EVE and still stay connected, methinks…