Weekend Musical Break: T. Rex

If someone else seems today to be the most visible face of early 1970s Glam Rock, T. Rex was its heart and soul at the time, with singer/songwriter Marc Bolan the embodiment of the Glam ideal, to the point that when a film, Velvet Goldmine was made about the Glam era, it was he whose life formed the basis for the protagonist’s, even where the movie borrows the symbology and music of others.

The only T. Rex song that gets airplay on today’s corporate radio is the pernicious ‘Get It On (Bang a Gong)’ with its flamboyant and blatantly sexual lyrics. This entry is in my opinion a much stronger song, and more typical of T. Rex at its glammy best.

The Glam Rock movement spawned acts like Roxy Music and Sweet, was a formative influence on punk, particularly on Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, and was key to the rise of proto-metal acts like Alice Cooper and KISS – in that sense it is the root of what would eventually become hair metal during the 80s. But one of its more obscure acts was to have a strong influence on the most enduring and eclectic musical artists of the rock era.

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5 responses to “Weekend Musical Break: T. Rex

  1. Scary how much he looks like Bowie there several times..
    T. Rex was overlooked and Bolan was such a forward thinker himself, creating that sluggish guitar sound…
    As to Velvet Goldmine, do not forget the mysterious figure who would be more of an influence on Bowie, and the other Glammers of that time…
    Brian Eno who was the basis for Jack Fairy.
    I also know that when Michael Stipe wanted to work on this project, he originally asked Bowie if he could do the story on him…yet, was asked to not do this as Bowie was already working on a project of his own about his life..
    Yet, the intimations are too blatant (the infamous Detroiter who would get down to skivvies…i.e: Iggy Pop…etc.)
    Ok…enough about that movie..I LOVED it as it really captured that setting.
    Glam is still present today, and was just a really cool style with some great bands during that era (Mott The Hoople, etc..)

  2. Heh. Having been an original punk rocker back in the day, at the height of the glam rock and punk rock movements, this post brought a nostalgic smile to my face. Remember the New York Dolls? LOLs it was crazy fun times back then.

  3. In case I haven’t mentioned it, these are planned and mostly written well in advance. Which is a problem when the YouTube link goes mysteriously dead between the time of writing and the time of release.

    I think I have them mostly written up through episode #15 or so.