At Last, Level 2 Missions

After being somewhat skittish about it for several days (hey, 8 million ISK is a lot of money for me,) I finally ran my first level 2 mission tonight, a version of the Pirate Infestation mission that I’d run several times before. Two deadspace pockets each with two groups of pirate frigates led by a cruiser and/or an ace.

It was more time-consuming than most level 1 missions are. But I ran it handily although I went fairly deep into armor at one point, and after all was said and done, I had about a million more ISK to my name than I did before I ran it – despite taking a big hit on the repair bill. This is because I cannot currently fit an Armor Repairer into this configuration, so unless I want to dock, strip out my artillery, fit a repper, undock and camp outside the station for ten minutes, I need to utilize the repair shop. Obviously, I will be looking into whatever skill it is that lets me fit Armor Repairers and/or artillery with less powergrid.

Other than that, it went just fine.

UPDATE: I’ve managed to fit an Armor Repper by trading out two of the artillery pieces for Autocannons. I know it’s a lousy idea to mix and match weapons, especially with radically different ranges, but the agility of the Rupture is such that I don’t think I can get close-in, so I need stuff that can batter from range. Noted the need to get Drones skill up – the Rupture has a nice-sized drone bay available.

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2 responses to “At Last, Level 2 Missions

  1. Hi, just thought I’d mention you have exactly the right idea stripping out your fitting at the station and putting armour reppers on when you take armour damage.

    If you fit 2 medium armour reppers you will be able to go from zero armour to 100% in not much more than a minute. This method starts to get very helpful when you have a battleship and start getting repair bills in the millions.

    Hope this helps

  2. Reminds me of the line in Clear skies —

    “Why don’t I just strap on an armor repairer and clog up the skies outside the station a while? That won’t cost no 30 million ISK!”

    And as Joe stated — stripping out fittings and tossing on 2 medium or even 2 small armor reps will get you back to full in no time.