A Forced Break From WAR, and Progress in EVE

The upcoming work trip will keep me from mucking with Warhammer Online for as long as I’m gone – which is currently scheduled to be two weeks, but these things often turn into longer trips than expected. Last summer’s sojurn to Saltillo was supposed to have been two weeks and ended up being six.

In any event, I have not played WAR for over a week and do not feel a strong hankering to go back, although I would certainly be dabbling if my account was active. There seems little point in resubscribing right now, since I’ll be leaving at the end of the week and away from a Warhammer-capable computer through mid-November or so. So I think what I’m going to do is take that time off and reevaluate the status of WAR after I return. So this means goodbye to WAR until the latter half of November at least. I do think it’s a good game and will certainly be back eventually, but the demands of work take the decision out of my hands at the moment.

I did a little bit of EVE testing on the laptop yesterday, taking an alt out ratting with a starter ship in 0.8, at which the hardware performed adequately, but not exceptionally well. I will be a bit reluctant to run a level 2 mission on the thing, but I think at this point that I would be comfortable doing high-sec cruiser mining with it.

I did not log much playtime over the weekend, but as previously noted, I did start running level 2 missions. So far, they are a bit trickier than level 1s, in that the NPCs will do things like web you or hit you with EW, but their actual firepower only seems to be (generally, at least) incrementally more than the tougher level 1 missions. The bounties, standing increases and LP handouts are all noticably higher – the salvage, not so much that I’ve seen so far, although salvaging is worth doing at any level, and its profitability seems to be more a function of the number of wrecks to work with than anything else.

My Rupture has been named Harsh Negotiator and is serving well so far, although my fitting options are limited in many ways. That’s being worked on, though, and over the course of Sunday I made some progress on intermediate ranks in a number of skills that should help me. With Armor Plates, the amount of armor on the thing is just immense – over 3500, which is getting close to Battlecruiser territory – so it’s able to take a pretty massive beating before I need to bail out for repairs. My buy order for a Mammoth has still not turned over, and I had to tick the price up a couple of times over the weekend. I’ve also placed buy orders for a couple of fairly expensive skills, including Assault Ships and Marketing. I do not consider either likely to fire, but if one does, it will save me a substantial amount of money – over a million ISK in either case – so it will be worth it.

My bankroll is currently hovering around 5 million ISK, which is barely adequate, but it’s enough, with the insurance payout, to cover the cost of any ship lost with its fittings. I think my operational goal should be, at this point, to get into a Battlecruiser ASAP. The Hurricane is the particular ship I have my eye on; I actually have the needed skills for it right now, just not the money to buy the ship and outfit it, a cost which I calculate as approximately 40 million ISK. This puts it rather far away, but we’ll see how well I can do with highsec securecan mining for the couple of weeks I’ll be gone. It is a far superior ship to any Tech I cruiser, even with the cheapest fittings available, and should last me into the level 3 missions which I may well have unlocked by the time I can afford it. With this goal in mind, it makes more sense for me to stick with the cruiser for level 2 missions (as opposed to moving into an Assault Ship,) learning the modules and tactics of and developing the skills needed to effectively fly skips of that size class.

I’m closing in on 4.6 million skill points. Not bad. Whenever I come back from Mexico (assuming I’m not burned out on the game,) I’m going to start looking into a corp – I should be around the 6M SP neighborhood by that point.

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One response to “A Forced Break From WAR, and Progress in EVE

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan going for EVE there. As I’ve mentioned before. . . if you need help running missions or would like me to hit up one of the higher quality level 2 agents that I have access to with Brutor (and we happen to both be on at the same time) convo me. I have a cruiser or an AF or even a couple of T1 frigs in the area that I can bring along to add some support firepower to yours, if it would help.