A Brutal Beating

I ran another level 2 mission last night and it was tougher than the first two – but that may be because I’m adjusting to a fairly radically new tactical approach, going from a fast shield talking ship that keeps moving and fires fast guns to an armor-tanked brick that stays pretty much immobile while shooting tings from far away with slow, high-damage artillery. And uses drones.

I have never used drones before, so this is an additional adjustment. The time it took me to retrieve them before warping out saw me rather deep into structure damage, although my new armor repper helped allay the costs of repair – it was about 200K less this time around despite departing with more damage. In retrospect, it would have been cheaper to lose the 4K/each drones than to have 70% of my structure burned out. After selling all the loot I still made close to a million ISK on the thing, even after the repair costs.

I have open mid slots in this ship – I simply do not have the powergrid to fit much else, so I’m considering going the all-autocannon route and abandoning artillery altogether for now, so I can fit Armor Hardeners. This will neccessitate getting closer to the combat and therefore implies that I’ll be getting hit more, and the slowness of the ship is going to be kind of a problem – but then, I’m basically immobile in engagements now, so maybe it’ll work better.

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3 responses to “A Brutal Beating

  1. Yeah, don’t worry about losing T1 drones — they’re very cheap and easily replaceable. T2 drones… they’re another story, but by the time you’re using them you probably won’t be worried about your tank anymore anyway.

    What’s your fit on your Rupture right now?

  2. I just started EVE, and I’m running an Imicus with drones. I am really pleased with the drones’ effectiveness so far in L1 missions!